Germans vote in close elections to determine Merkel’s successor-SABC News

The Germans were too close to call in Sunday’s general election as the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) is challenging the retirement of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has been in power since 2005, but will resign after the election, and voting will be a time-changing event to set the future direction for Europe’s largest economy.

A voter fracture means that after the election, major political parties have exchanged views with each other before embarking on a more formal coalition negotiation that could take months, with Merkel, 67, taking on the role of caretaker. Means

Armin Laschet, a conservative candidate who campaigned in his hometown of Aachen alongside Chancellor Angela Merkel, said Saturday that SPD-led Greens and the Left Left would destabilize Europe. rice field.

“They want to pull us away from NATO, they don’t want this alliance, they want another republic,” said Rachette, 60.

Opposing Rachette was SPD Olaf Scholz, Merkel’s left-right coalition finance minister, who won all three debates aired among the main candidates.

Scholz, 63, has not denied a left-wing alliance with the left, but said NATO membership is a red line for SPDs.
After a domestic-focused election campaign, European and subsequent Berlin allies have to wait a few months before seeing if the new German government is ready to tackle foreign issues to the extent they want. It may not be.

A divided political situation means that there is a high probability of a tripartite coalition. The final poll gave the Social Democrats a narrow lead, but conservatives have recently reduced the gap, and many voters have not yet been determined.

In the most likely coalition scenario, either the SPD or the conservative CDU / CSU block comes first, which is allied with the Greens and the Liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP).

Scholz told supporters of his own constituency in Potsdam, near Berlin, that he still wants to secure a majority of SPDs and Greens controlling alone without a third partner.

“The stronger the SPD, the easier it is to form a system of equations,” Scholz said. “I don’t know what will be possible, but it may be possible to form an SPD-Greens coalition, for example. I think it is possible. I know.”

Both conservatives and the FDP want to reject the European “debt union” and ensure that the European Union jointly borrows to fund the block’s coronavirus recovery package. The SPD discussed taking steps towards the financial union.

Greens supports a common European fiscal policy to support investment in the environment, research, infrastructure and education.

Germans vote in close elections to determine Merkel’s successor-SABC News

Source link Germans vote in close elections to determine Merkel’s successor-SABC News

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