Germany donates more than 100 million vaccines in 2021

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Germany is committed to ensuring the fair worldwide distribution of vaccines, donating or contractually guaranteeing more than 100 million vaccines.

€ 2.2 billion for vaccines, diagnostic tools and medicines

A pandemic can only be overcome if it is under control around the world. Therefore, Germany chose early on to focus on finding a joint response in the spirit of solidarity to a pandemic that is rampant around the world. In April 2020, Germany supported the establishment of the coordination mechanism Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-Accelerator). With a total contribution of € 2.2 billion to date, Germany is now the second largest donor of the mechanism. Most of this support is directed to the international vaccine platform COVAX, but some are used in diagnostic tools and dosing to treat COVID-19. By mid-December, a total of approximately 897 million doses of vaccines from AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Modana, BioNTech, etc. had already been sent to 144 states and territories. Of the German funding, € 50 million has been allocated to what is known as a humanitarian buffer for vaccination of refugees and other people who are not covered by the national vaccination program.

Germany donates more than 100 million vaccines in 2021

Since the end of August, the German government has also donated doses from domestic stocks that are not needed for domestic vaccination campaigns, including booster shots. Germany provides a total of at least 175 million doses to emerging and developing countries, most of which will be available through COVAX. Germany’s contribution is the second highest in the world and helps to ensure better access to vaccines.

Currently, approximately 95 million doses are donated or guaranteed to COVAX, which are being gradually distributed. By December, more than 72 million of these doses had been delivered to 28 host countries, and more than about 23 million are currently being prepared for distribution or shipping.

COVAX has provided vaccines to Mauritania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Togo, Tajikistan, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Botswana, Egypt, Iran, Jamaica, Nigeria, Philippines, Kenya, Bangladesh and Cote d’Ivoire from the German supply agreement. .. , Somalia, Pakistan, Guinea, Rwanda, Uganda, Angola, Benin, Nepal, Ghana, Tunisia, Algeria. More substantive deliveries will follow Indonesia and the Philippines in the coming days and weeks.

The German government has also donated approximately 7.7 million doses via bilateral channels to countries such as Namibia, Egypt, Ukraine, Vietnam, Ghana and Thailand. In total, about 80 million doses of vaccine donated by Germany had arrived at their destination by the end of December 2021.

The EU We plan to donate at least 500 million doses, and the United States has provided about 331 million doses so far. The G7 will supply at least 870 million doses in total by the end of 2022. Most of these donations will be provided to COVAX, which has the best knowledge of the situation in the recipient country and can distribute the vaccine fairly around the world. COVAX currently supplies AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, BioNTech and other vaccines.

Multilateral solution instead of vaccine nationalism

With Germany EU We are committed to finding a multilateral response to pandemics and ensuring fair, transparent and affordable access to COVID-19 vaccines, medicines and diagnostics worldwide. Ensuring that this access is not tied to political conditions is a joint approach in the spirit of solidarity as opposed to bilateral pledges and vaccine nationalism in some states. But donations and financial support are not enough.With Germany EU Therefore, we are actively working to promote vaccine production, especially in Africa. Germany wants to secure community health care in the long run and will provide funding to establish vaccine production in countries such as South Africa and Senegal.

The COVAX Manufacturing Task Force was established to increase the supply and production of vaccines. The purpose is, in particular, to increase the number of doses that can be produced with abrupt notifications and to prioritize these doses on the COVAX. We will focus specifically on the 92 poorest countries. In addition, we plan to expand vaccine production in the Global North and Global South. Germany and South Africa are co-chairs of the Task Force and have submitted a report on this issue to the G20.

Distribution of medicines and test materials, as well as vaccines, will continue to be prioritized. The medical system weakened by COVID-19 must be strengthened for the future. ACT-Accelerator also plays a valuable role in these efforts.

Germany is involved – all over the world

Germany supports more than just vaccines. We also accept requests for ventilators, masks and medical devices from around the world. Germany has provided assistance to about 100 countries and launched three major relief packages. For example, about 2000 ventilators were donated.In addition, Germany has made € 450 million available for humanitarian assistance in the context of COVID-19 to assist people in humanitarian emergencies.

Germany also aims to learn from pandemics and increase the resilience of global pandemics in the future. Who It will be strengthened at the center.In a special session Who In late November, an agreement was reached to establish an intergovernmental negotiating body to create a new agreement on the handling of pandemics. The International Health Regulations (IHR) will also be reformed.

Distributed by the APO Group on behalf of Germany – Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

Germany donates more than 100 million vaccines in 2021

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