Ghana: 34 graduates from Blue Crest College School of Fashion and Design

The BlueCrest College School of Fashion and Design graduated 34 students from the class of 2019 and 2020 last Friday.

The rector of the school, Mr. Sujith Jayaprakash, said the students have entered into their professional life and they should remember their roles and responsibilities and do more for their careers.

According to Mr. Jayaprakash, graduates should be empowered for the future to improve themselves and the economy, while motivating them to use their skills effectively.

“When I talk about quality education, I am not just talking about access to education, but rather a system that provides knowledge, skills, values ​​and attitudes that meet individual, national, environmental, social and global,” he said.

The Dean of Studies, Professor Thomas Assan, challenged the graduates to do their best when entering their profession.

“With these skills acquired, I know some of you would start your own business while others would go on to further education, but you should be innovative enough to boost the country’s economy,” he said.

Mrs. Agnès Odamea Larbi, Head of Department (HoD) of the School of Fashion and Design, congratulated the graduates for their patience until the end of their schooling.

“Your struggles have been rewarded today even though the pandemic and other internal challenges did not allow it in 2019 and 2020 but we managed to get to the end of the road but it’s not the end, it’s is the beginning,” she said.

She advised the graduates to use the knowledge they had acquired for the benefit of other members of society and to excel in whatever field they found themselves in.

The School of Fashion is one of the faculties of BlueCrest College affiliated with the National Board for Occupational and Technical Examinations (NABTEX) and accredited by the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET).

In attendance were the BlueCrest College Board of Trustees, the Registrar, Mr. Eric Hanson, the Department of Fashion and Design and the other departments such as Information Technology, Business and Mass Communication and Journalism , students and parents.

Ghana: 34 graduates from Blue Crest College School of Fashion and Design

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