Global hope fixed to vaccine makers to overcome Omicron variants

A test engineer in a diving suit handles a bottle of growth medium for virus production during a corona virus vaccine study at the Valneva SA Institute in Vienna, Austria.

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London — As new variants of Omicron Covid spread around the world, there are expectations for the ability of vaccine makers to make effective injections into this strain.

World market sentiment The Covid-19 vaccine currently in use plummeted Tuesday morning, fearing that it might be less effective against the new Omicron variant. The strain was first identified in South Africa and was designated a “variant of concern” by the World Health Organization on Friday.

The sharp reversal of Western stock futures occurred after that Modana CEO Stephane Bancel told the Financial Times: Expected to be less effective with existing vaccines For new variants.

Bansel told CNBC on Monday that it could take Months to development and shipping A vaccine that specifically targets omicron mutants. He added that it would take at least two weeks to determine how much the mutation affected the efficacy of the vaccines currently on the market.

Omicron variants have more than 30 mutations in the peplomer that binds to human cells. According to WHO, some of the mutations are associated with higher transmission and reduced antibody protection.

However, the UN Health Agency reiterated on Monday that there was still considerable uncertainty and unknowns regarding this variant.

First of all, experts do not yet know how contagious the mutant is, and whether the increased infection can escape previous immunity or is more contagious.

Second, for Omicron, there is uncertainty about how well the vaccine protects against infection, infection, disease severity, and death. And third, it is unclear whether the mutant causes more serious symptoms.

WHO states that it will take weeks to understand how mutants affect diagnosis, treatment and vaccines.

100 days

The world is facing an uneasy waiting game as experts strive to discover the challenges and risks posed by Omicron variants.

PfizerAlbert Bourla, CEO of the company, said that Omicron’s impact on a unique double-dose vaccine developed at the German biotechnology BioNTech and widely deployed in the United States and Europe has not yet been seen.

“I don’t think the vaccine will be unprotected as a result,” Bourla told CNBC on Monday, adding that “I don’t know the results yet, but I think the vaccine’s protection may be weakened.”

According to Bourla, Pfizer has already begun manufacturing new vaccines as needed. The company created its first DNA template on Friday, he said, the first step in the process of developing a new vaccine.

“We have repeatedly revealed that we can get the vaccine within 100 days,” Bourla said. He said the company was able to quickly create beta and delta variant vaccines, although the original shots remained valid and were not eventually used.

Johnson & Johnson When AstraZenecaIt also produces a widely available and effective Covid-19 vaccine (although AstraZeneca injections have not yet been approved in the United States), but said it is investigating and testing new variants.

Rafael Bayari Ormos, a researcher at the University Hospital in Copenhagen, told CNBC on Tuesday that the variant was “sacrificed” as to how well the Covid vaccine could prevent the infection.

“Currently, there are Omicrons with 32 mutations in peplomer. Some of them have been seen before and are of concern. They make the virus more contagious, evade immune recognition, and evade defense. I don’t expect vaccines to be very effective, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work, “he added.

“These are currently one of the best tools to control the spread of this virus.”

Omicron risk

Omicron is currently found in more than 12 countries and in many countries Imposing travel restrictions We will implement stricter Covid measures such as compulsory mask wearing and telecommuting advice.

It comes because many countries are already dealing with high daily infections because of the globally predominant delta mutants.

The Covid symptoms associated with the Omicron variant are described as follows: “Very calm” According to a South African doctor who first discovered the new strain. Nonetheless, the World Health Organization warned on Monday that further variants of Omicron could spread and pose a “very high” global risk.

Francois Balloux, director of the UCL Genetics Institute at University College London, emphasized that little is known about how contagious and deadly variants are compared to delta variants.

He told CNBC’s Squawk Box Europe on Tuesday.

“But I think there’s almost nothing we know at this stage about intrinsic transmissibility and its toxicity, regardless of the immune system … we just have to wait before we can say. there is.”

There is quiet optimism that Omicron may be a more infectious but less virulent version of the virus. In other words, it can turn into a cold-like infection.

Deakin University epidemiologist Catherine Bennett told The Sydney Morning Herald on Monday: “She said,” We have as many signals as it might do. [be] It’s OK because there is a signal that you may be a little worried. “

Many countries are missing out on opportunities and have announced enhanced Covid vaccinations, booster shots, and more restrictive measures.

Monday, US President Joe Biden Excluded another blockade and travel curb So far, and many countries have temporarily suspended travel from many countries in southern Africa.

— CNBC’s Spencer Kimball contributed to the report of this story.

Global hope fixed to vaccine makers to overcome Omicron variants

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