Go higher with Xerox Iridesse

Glazer Design work with printer IPW1 Printed tribute to Professor Stephen Hawking of Westminster Abbey, the first digital print used in Westminster Abbey’s detention services.

use with Xerox Iridesse Production PressWe were able to print on multiple paper types in less than 48 hours without sacrificing quality.

“For us, Iridesse meant very high quality printed materials for VIP events similar to national funerals. Our schedules were very short and sometimes it only took a day or two to design, print and deliver. Everything was returned. [by the printer] To meet the deadlines for Westminster Abbey services, in the fastest time possible, the quality was so high that we did not have to use a lithographic process for the collateral, which saved us several days,” says Ben Glazier, Director of Glazier Design.

See how Glazier Design uses Iridesse to deliver value that takes operations to new heights and opens doors to new growth.

Go higher with Xerox Iridesse

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