Gomora’s Ernest Msibi Ties The Knot (Pics)|SurgeZirc SA

Enerst Msibi and his wife and daughter / photo files: Instagram

Just a few months after paying Robora, Harara, former Gomoraster Ernest Mushibi, said what I would do for him. And surprisingly, the lucky woman is his manager Nana Zondy. Or should he be lucky, as people always called him a “depressed and faded actor” when the two met anew?

In August 2020, Ernest paid Robora to the beautiful princess, and earlier this year the two spoke openly about the relationship, the actor said: So I decided to start a family with her. After marrying her, I became a better person. I have learned to take responsibility in every way, including finances.

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“My wife is a pillar of my power. She supports me and my hustle and bustle and is there in every step I take. And after my daughter is born, I say” yes ” I did. I am ready for any challenge. “

Nana, who shares her one-year-old daughter, said: Some say he was a faded actor. But I stood beside him and confirmed that he would bloom again. I love my husband, and he proved he was a responsible and loving father, “Nana said.

The two have four children, including three from a previous relationship. Like any other couple, Ernest and his wife fight. “But it doesn’t last for more than a day. We insist like brothers and sisters, but don’t sleep angry with each other. We both learned to apologize. I usually We go for a drive to calm down when we fight, then discuss and organize, “Ernest added.

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The good news of their wedding was written by the infamous Bishop McCam. Congrats. “

Gomora’s Ernest Msibi Ties The Knot (Pics)|SurgeZirc SA Source link Gomora’s Ernest Msibi Ties The Knot (Pics)|SurgeZirc SA

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