Google files lawsuit to remove Tinder from Play Store

Google sued Match for monetary damages and was awarded the following judgment: You can kick Tinder and other dating apps in the group from the Play Store.Bloomberg is report. Engadget reports: Match earlier this year sue google Alleging antitrust violations of the decision to require all Android developers to process “digital goods and services” payments through the Play Store billing system. Match with Google following the first lawsuit in May A temporary agreement has been reached Let Match remain on the Play Store and use its own payment system. Google has also agreed to make a “good faith” effort to resolve Match’s billing issues. Match was meant to be an alternative to Google’s payment system.

However, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, claims that Match Group doesn’t want to pay Google “at all”, including the current 15-30% Play Store fees. The document states that “Match Group never intended to abide by the terms of the contract agreed upon…and will also place Match Group at an advantage over other app developers.” The Match group said Google’s Play Store policy violates federal and state laws. “Their objection is a warning because Google doesn’t want anyone else to sue them,” Match said in a statement to Bloomberg. “We, along with other developers, the U.S. Department of Justice and 37 state Attorney Generals, similar argumentIt will be resolved in our favor early next year.”

Google files lawsuit to remove Tinder from Play Store

Source link Google files lawsuit to remove Tinder from Play Store

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