Guinea coup leader offers to return to civilian rule for three years – SABC News

Guinea’s military regime says a return to civilian rule will probably take more than three years. This is a proposal that has the potential to overthrow the political bloc in West Africa that has called for a speedy return to constitutional order.

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, the head of the military that took power in a coup in September, told state TV on Saturday that he was considering a 39-month term change after political consultations. This was the first time he proposed a schedule.

Military leaders have seized power in Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea over the past two years.It raises concerns about the retreat of West African democracy, which has begun to gain a reputation as a “coup d’état belt” over the past decade.

With the coup d’état, the West African National Economic Community (ECOWAS) is trying to return power to the hands of civilians.

ECOWAS has already imposed sanctions on Mali after military leaders have proposed to take power by 2025, and is ruining the economy by blocking Mali from local trade and financial markets. ECOWAS gave Mali 12 to 16 months to prepare for democratic elections.

When Burkina Faso’s leaders proposed a three-year transition to civilian rule, ECOWAS demanded a “more acceptable timeline” but fell short of imposing sanctions on poor countries.

ECOWAS has imposed sanctions on Guinea’s military leaders, but not the wider economy. A spokesperson declined to comment on Sunday.

Doumbouya said she would submit a proposal to an 80-member National Transitional Council established by the military to serve as a parliament during the transition to elections.

The National Front for the Protection of the Constitution (FNDC), a coalition of political parties and civil society groups, condemned the plan.

“The National Coordination of the FNDC (Doumbouya) reminds the National Transitional Commission that it is unacceptable, unimaginable and unacceptable for the military to approve this proposal without a legal basis,” it said in a statement.

Doumbouya said 39 months is the average timeline from consultations with political parties and civil society groups boycotted by his major opponents.

It was not clear when the 39-month period would begin.

Guinea coup leader offers to return to civilian rule for three years – SABC News

Source link Guinea coup leader offers to return to civilian rule for three years – SABC News

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