Has Apple’s ‘Pro’ branding lost its meaning?

Does Apple have a “Pro” problem? “[Y]The ears of Apple and its competitors have given names to wireless earphones and slightly cooler phones. It also made it difficult to say what ‘Pro’ means.“, claims Mitchell Clark of The Verge. This may be why Apple recently launched it. mac “studio.” in the report: In the jump, Apple made it clear who Mac Studio and Studio Display are for. The presentation showed musicians, 3D artists and developers using it, and the message was clear. This is a product for creative professionals or aspiring creative professionals. It’s the same crowd that has been the target of MacBook Pro commercials for years. “My first thought was, ‘When will the iPhone Studio come out?'” Jonathan Balck, co-founder and managing director of advertising agency Colossus, told Verge. “Pro has been proprietary and it’s been about one way of doing things, but the whole culture is shifting to creativity,” he adds, pondering whether we’ll see Apple’s Pro branding shift to a Studio branding instead.

[T]o To me, the Mac Studio line is the definitive successor to Apple’s iMac Pro. Both computers are powered by monstrous CPUs and come standard with 10Gb Ethernet and Thunderbolt and USB ports. If Apple had released a new Studio two years ago, I’m sure they would have put “Pro” in the name. (But I’m not sure Studio Display did that to serve as the devil’s advocate.) Some marketers say the word “Pro” is starting to get old. Excessive use. “I think the old term Pro was outdated and dry,” says Keith Dorsey, founder and CEO of YoungGuns Entertainment, a creative marketing group and management company. Balck agrees. In an interview, he said in the interview that “the word pro is limited in many ways,” and explains that when a product is “professional” it evokes ideas like job interviews, portfolios, and boldness. He says pro products are only suitable for people who are creative to get paid.

But Apple is needed because the industry has completely abused the word “Pro” and has lost all meaning. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where this started (I think it was on the 2-port MacBook Pro model), but now the word is affecting everything. Want to sell wireless earphones for more money? Now the pro earbuds. Want a cool version of a regular phone? No problem. Call a great product a Pro. […] But Apple’s new word “studio” appears to be gearing up to excite Apple’s target audience.

Has Apple’s ‘Pro’ branding lost its meaning?

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