Have you seen a video of Sarah Brand’s weird “red dress”?It’s a mystery [watch]

Director and singer Red dress Video Sarah Brand acknowledged her bizarre songs and various feedback on the video.Brand Red dress We recorded about 500,000 views in 3 weeks. This is impressive for those who have little social media footprint or fan base.

The theme explored in Sarah’s brand “Red Dress”

The song explored the theme of monopoly and judgment in religious space and was filmed at a church in Oxford, England. The consistent off-keyness of the brand was a major issue in video.

Her poor singing was confusing, awkward, and scrolling through YouTube comments, viewers weren’t afraid to express dissatisfaction or falsehood in the brand’s singing.

Watch a video of Sarah Brand’s “Red Dress”

Movie director, not singer

The brand directs the video itself and plays the role of two women. One is wearing a white dress and the other is wearing a red dress to interfere with church procedures. She talked to the BBC about the video and admitted that she was a filmmaker, not a singer.

The style of the song was important because it reflects the story. Vocals don’t seem to fit perfectly, they look out of place and make people uncomfortable. In this video, she says, this outsider is doing things differently, causing discomfort and eliciting all this judgment. BBC..

Some aspects have humorous feedback, while others are judgmental behavior. This is part of what this project treats as a central theme overall.

The brand is from Los Angeles, but has a master’s degree in sociology from Oxford University. There was speculation from viewers as to whether this video was a social experiment for her research. The BBC article states that the brand has not confirmed whether the songs and videos are relevant to her research.

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Response to the song and video of “Red Dress”

From hilarious YouTube comments to various reactions on Twitter, many people online didn’t know how to react to the brand’s artistic efforts.

YouTube comment:

Twitter commentary:

Have you seen a video of Sarah Brand’s weird “red dress”?It’s a mystery [watch]

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