“Have you seen Derek Chauvin’s trial?”: How teachers are adopting this case

At this point in the school year, Lacrissha Walton typically concentrates social studies classes in the 50 states and their capitals of the United States. But last week, a Minneapolis teacher scribbled questions unrelated to geography on a whiteboard in a fourth grade classroom. “Have you seen the Derek Chauvin trial?”

The murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Chauvin, who was charged with the murder of George Floyd, may not seem to be age-appropriate for a nine-year-old student, but Walton taught the event. The moment it is done. All her students saw their city being consumed by protests in the months following Mr. Floyd’s deadly arrest. Taken by a teenager, It caught his violent slow-motion death.

“Little kids shouldn’t see it,” Walton said. “But when it fills the whole news, they ask a question.”

In Minneapolis, educators have been working on how to deal with student trials over the past few weeks. Some educators use jury selection or witness testimony as an opportunity to investigate complex issues in race, police, and the criminal justice system. Teachers carefully give students the opportunity to ask questions and share their views during class. School managers and counselors are also planning a conversation circle where children can open up about how the trial rekindled the feelings of racial trauma and the fear of potential anxiety.

When Walton, who teaches at Lucy Craft Rainey Community School, where most students are black, asks the class what he knows about the trial, the kids ask who Chauvin is and he in Floyd’s death. I briefly explained the role of. They knew that the person running the court was called a judge, and their voice rang when asked to explain the twelve people who would make the decision: ” Jury “.

After Walton asked a student who he thought Chauvin was guilty of, many small hands popped out. Asked why, a girl named Keeley presented a devastating assessment of the defendant’s actions at the heart of the trial.

“He kneeled George Floyd’s neck,” she said. “And George Floyd said he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t breathe several times, and police officers didn’t listen to him at all.”

The adultness of the aired murder trial, Marked by graphic video and emotional witness accounts, A challenge for educators. In Texas, last week, a majority of black high school teachers showed freshmen a live stream of trials in class, including footage of Mr. Floyd’s arrest, and demanded that he act as a mock jury. Encourage parental complaints Who said the project was assigned without their consent.

Walton said the school’s administration had approved him to show a simple part of the proceedings in class, but due to the traumatic elements of the trial, he saw graphics and offensive things to his students. I was careful not to listen.

Where to cross Minneapolis About 70% of public school students are not whiteDiscussions about the exam took place in the school classroom and online learning. Christie Ward, the principal of Lake Nocomis Community School in grades 3-8, cannot be ignored due to months of conversation about racial justice and the city’s recent court-strengthening efforts. Said. That’s why she worked with staff to develop a way to encourage meaningful discussions with 60% white students, even when difficult questions are asked.

“Even if it’s unpleasant and unanswered, you need to get involved,” she said. “I tell them to stay at the top of the trial to make sure they understand the facts, and then just focus on the conversation, not pull away.”

Tom Rachameier teaching social studies at North Community High School Student population is 90% black, Called the trial “living history”. Floyd’s death spilled over to school attendants in the neighborhood, long plagued by poverty and the city’s worst gangsters, he said.

Charles Addams, head football coach of the North Community High, said after the Minneapolis Board of Education resolved in June to terminate his contract with police. Lost his day-to-day job as a school in-house police officer.. Lachermeier admitted that many schools across the country had completely circumvented the proceedings, but said that as a white man, he knew he needed to go to court with his students.

“I don’t say anything about it, I say a lot,” he said. Prior to the trial, he took up the day-to-day process of jury selection during class and heard many students express fear of Chauvin being acquitted. The students have been on spring break since the trial began, but he said he had discussed the first day with his coaching softball player.

Kyree Wilson, 16, a junior at Lachermeier’s American History Class, said these lessons allowed her to watch hours of trial on YouTube while she was absent from school. “It’s really spectacular,” she said of the case outlined by the trial and the defense lawyer and prosecutor, but the witness’s explanation of the intestinal injury was “difficult to sit down.”

When Floyd was handcuffed and lying down on the pavement, Kylie was two blocks away and was handing out leaflets for a modern dance company, she said. She could hear the turmoil from the crowd, but she didn’t know what had happened until she got home later that day. During the summer, she participated in protests, saying she wanted Mr Chauvin to be guilty.

But the more Kylie learned from the trial, the more convinced she was that the conviction would help stop police atrocities. “The judicial system is very broken and is being used against African Americans,” she said. “This situation scares me of growing up in adulthood and in the United States.”

The Lake Nocomis Community School in southern Minneapolis began its exams during spring break, but sixth-grade math teacher Amanda Martinson said her students knew it would start soon. It was. So she spent some time in class addressing their questions and concerns, she said, one of the helicopters flying over the city and one of the military vehicles driving their way. I remembered some of the people who mentioned the video sent by the students in.

“Many of our students are nervous about what happens through this trial because of everything that happened after George Floyd,” Martinson said. “Children are afraid of fires, loud noises at night, and all sorts of anxieties.”

In Walton’s fourth grade class, the trial also helped teach lessons about important citizen concepts, such as the right to protest and how the court system works. “One day they may have a jury duty,” she said. “So you have the right to accept your opinion, but when you have to work with the other 11 people, how are you going to do that?”

Shortly after class one day last week, nine-year-old Janiya said her mother took her to a Black Lives Matter protest last summer. She explained the mixture of anger and sadness she said she felt when she learned how Mr. Floyd died. She has never watched a video of his deadly arrest or told her mother about Mr. Chauvin’s trial, but Janiya could give it to the national battle for racial justice. I grasped the big impact.

“I really want them to see it,” Janiya said of a police officer who might have a fatal encounter with a black man.

“Have you seen Derek Chauvin’s trial?”: How teachers are adopting this case

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