Hermès bag sells for over R2.5m, second hand!

Are second-hand shopping platforms about to replace auction houses? Maybe not yet, but the sales records posted by some pre-owned goods specialists surprise you.

For example, a Birkin Faubourg bag by Hermès was recently sold for € 158,000 to Vestiaire Collective – well above the average price of the luxury label ‘s old – fashioned model.

Why invest in cryptocurrency, when you can step into the flagship Parisian Hermès, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, and buy yourself a Birkin bag? Better yet, you can skip the waiting lists by picking one up on the myriad of fast-growing luxury resale platforms on the web.

Real investment – better than gold, according to some specialists – bags from the French brand Hermès they have always been popular, but in recent months they have reached record lows, even in the second – hand market.

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The Vestiaire Collective platform hosted one such sale in May, when the Birkin Faubourg model went for € 158,000, breaking the previous record set six months earlier by another… Hermès Birkin bag, however . The latter sold for € 112,000 – a huge sum already.

A favorite bag of celebrities, and now of reality TV stars – who show them on social networks – the Birkin sees a year-on-year price increase, showing not only a symbol of wealth but also a real investment for fans and collectors.

Safe bet, safe investment

The prestigious accessory, which will celebrate its 40th birthday in 2024, is now being charged at a premium, and not just in auction rooms, where it can fetch six – figure sums. Vestiaire Collective explains that the average Hermès bag price is up 15% in 2022 compared to last year. And this does not prevent customers from going deeper into their pockets.

According to the second – hand platform, Birkin bag searches have increased by an average of 20% compared to last year, with the peak of sales in January 2022 reaching a 40% increase over the previous year.

“Timeless or classic handbags are a safe investment as they do not go out of style and do not lose their value,” explains Sophie Hersan, the platform’s fashion leader and co – founder. “This is not the first time that Vestiaire Collective Hermès has sold very rarely, reflecting customer confidence and the quality of the authentication service provided by the platform.”

In fact, the rarity is one of the reasons why the second – hand market is the best solution for those who imagine a unique (or near) model, and for the authentication services that guarantee that you will not be counterfeited.

While a classic Birkin is priced at less than € 10,000 in stores, raise prices to thousands of euros for specific models on second-hand solvent platforms such as Collector’s Square and Vestiaire Collective, reflecting the growth of the iconic bag, which has since disappeared. become a rare and valuable accessory to a real financial investment in a few years.

Hermès bag sells for over R2.5m, second hand! Source link Hermès bag sells for over R2.5m, second hand!

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