HI-TEC honors Nelson Mandela with limited edition sneakers

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Sportswear brand HI-TEC will launch new sneakers on this Mandela Day in honor of the late Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela Day is commemorated every year on July 18th to celebrate his birthday.

Every year, people spend 67 minutes on charity activities to help those in need.

The Freedom 67 is a modified version of the HI-TEC Wimbledon sneaker worn by the late South African president in 1990.

The sneakers were a gift from his ex-wife, Winnie Madikisera Mandela.

And when the opportunity to auction sneakers came in 1996, HI-TEC founder Frank Van Wezel offered the winning price for the pair.

Now the brand is reviving sneakers in a more modified way with a new name, Freedom 67..

Sneaker Freaker reported that HI-TEC product designer Gordon Stokes has revealed that creating a new Freedom 67 is not easy.

Due to its importance, the HI-TEC team treated the project with the utmost thought and dignity.

“The challenge was not just to recreate the sneakers, but to create an object that pays homage to the incredible human being, the one who has devoted his life to everyone’s freedom.

“Mandela not only fought apartheid, but also for a better world where freedom, justice and dignity of all were respected.

“Shoes had to be more than just sneakers, but we had to tell a story, from the real message to the important symbolism,” Stokes said.

He added that he used Mandela Wimbledon’s images and 3D modeling to create Freedom 67.

“Graphic elements, materials, soles and midsole, color blocking, sizing, everything had to be perfect.

“Packaging had to be as meticulous as sneakers and delivering a consistent message throughout the project. Mandela’s legacy is as much as respecting what he stood on. It had to be respected in the body of this development, “Stokes explained.

new Freedom 67 Limited to 67 pairs only.Pair number 67/67 will be auctioned on Mandela Day Here..

HI-TEC honors Nelson Mandela with limited edition sneakers

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