Hit or Miss – Why Some Casino Brands Have it and Some Don’t

Smart branding is a requirement in the competitive world of business today. You need to be unique to provide something exclusive in order to grab attention. We all know the benefits of brands like Apple and Amazon. But what about the casino industry, in particular?

Successful casino brands online like Dreamz NZ have jam-packed game libraries and offer generous bonuses. But what do they do differently than those who miss the mark? There are four ingredients that go into the recipe of a winning casino brand. Without those ingredients, a casino is likely to fail. Let’s take a look at each of them here.


A successful casino brand must prove its relevancy through innovation. Does it demonstrate its importance within the industry? Many casinos understand that winning is important to gamblers, and that benefits act as a positive experience in the meantime. Such tangible rewards as discounts, comps, and free play may result in intangibles: fun, a sense of belonging, social engagement, and even a feeling that replicates winning. Successful casino brands ensure these benefits result in a positive brand association.


A successful casino brand must separate itself from its competitors. Once it’s achieved that, it should consider further innovations and competitive problems in order to maintain its positioning in the marketplace.

Today, a bombardment of daily messaging from multiple sources is expected. Advertising on billboards, smartphones, the Internet, and TV are all commonplace. The market likes to appeal to those who enjoy the gaming lifestyle. Trying to find something that can distinguish a brand isn’t an easy task, but it’s become a necessary one.


When a casino has established its brand, it then has to prove to the marketplace that it can live up to its promises. They must avoid saying or doing anything that could be seen as lying about their branding if they wish to enjoy long-term success.

In 1999, when casinos were allowed to broadcast winning messaging, advertising started to emphasise winning, showing statistics that supported their claims. Ongoing arguments occurred between casino brands over which had the most winners.

Such messages, however, compete with the free play messages that communicate how players could get instantaneous rewards. It’s an easy message. But in such a competitive market, it can encourage a lack of differentiation that builds loyalty with players, reminding us of the importance of uniqueness.


A casino aims to develop a bond between its customers and themselves based on trust. That leads to loyalty, which, in turn, leads to success. Casinos need to spend research and time on understanding what experiences with the brand that customers believe can be repeatable. There are multiple answers here, however, as there are more than a single segment of players.

Whether online or offline, casinos also need to get the mechanics right. One of the quickest ways to lose a player’s trust is through malfunctioning machines. When a free play function, card acceptor, etc. fails to work, the trust is lost. The same applies to technology issues at online casinos. A cyber security leak is another way to quickly kill trust in a brand.

Wrap Up

Branding sets expectations in a crowded marketplace. Understanding what your brand is capable of looking like to meet the changing needs of a market is vital. A casino brand should stand out in a crowded market, distinguish itself from the rest, and highlight why they’re the better choice.

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