Hollywoodbets, Infinidat, Datacenttrix Win Private Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Jackpot

Michael Collins, BET Software General Manager.

Hollywoodbets, an international sports betting operator, has successfully integrated multiple platforms and technologies across production and development environments by launching a single, scalable, high-performance storage and server platform.

Touted as one of KwaZulu-Natal’s largest private cloud infrastructure implementations, the project was completed by Datacenttrix, a hybrid IT systems integrator and managed service provider.

Hollywoodbets is South Africa’s largest online sports betting operator and a leading contender on the global gaming arena. The leading online company operates in South Africa, Mozambique, Ireland and the UK, and has 92 stores across South Africa. Hollywoodbets offers betting on horse racing, soccer, cricket, rugby, tennis, motorsports and more. The operator also offers a variety of betting options on virtual games, casino type slots and table games, live games, scratch cards and lottery draws.

Michael Collins, General Manager of BET Software, said:

“Several vendors provided storage infrastructure, some of which had expired warranties and others were due to expire soon. Hollywoodbets faced several other challenges in managing performance and balancing capacity across these technologies with limited real-time statistics and dashboards.

“It was also expensive to maintain. The upgrade required downtime with additional business risk and lost revenue. We also needed greater flexibility and agility to support growth and deploy new, higher-performing systems and solutions.”

Suggested solution

With a mature relationship with BET Software, Datacenttrix performed a detailed assessment of its existing environment to understand the complexities of platforms accessed by different applications and systems. The Datacenttrix team also wanted to ensure that the proposed upgrade would not only support the capacity required, but would also improve performance as Hollywoodbets expand its storage footprint.

Datacenttrix has proposed two scenarios to Hollywoodbets. The first is to keep the existing system as it is to double capacity and expand maintenance while preserving the organization’s current nature and limitations. The second option was the Infinidat Infinibox enterprise storage system.

“The potential benefits of using Infinidat products were particularly significant:

  • 20% cost savings over 3 years, significantly reducing operational and management overhead by consolidating multiple storage platforms into a single system.
  • Investments in next-generation AI-powered technologies that will continue to learn and self-optimize as Hollywoodbets grows;
  • Potentially improved performance and reduced latency on all systems, especially geographic clusters. And
  • Access detailed, real-time dashboards and reporting to provide proactive information when you need it and speed analysis time.

The Infinibox solution can also provide 250% capacity expansion within the same price point and provides a 99.999% high availability platform, unlike traditional 99.999999999 solutions essential for real-time online sports. gambling business.

“Finally, Infinidat’s unique commercial model means a fixed commercial model for scaling with no downtime or physical upgrades for future capacity expansion requirements.”

Following Datacenttrix’s recommendations, BET Software conducted independent comparisons with other solutions on the market, and found that the Infinidat option offers better availability, higher capacity, and reduced TCO, and has an average upfront cost effectiveness of 40% to 50%. found to be higher. comparison suggestion.

“A few weeks before we discussed our storage requirements with Datacenttrix, we briefly stated that Hollywoodbets was considering deploying a third datacenter that would enable disaster recovery (DR). As part of the proposal, Datacenttrix showed how existing investments could be redesigned and deployed in a third DR facility with little or no additional investment. Datacenttrix adds significant value to Hollywoodbets by providing architecture and deployment services as part of its new storage investment.”

Peter Spies, Solutions Manager, KwaZulu-Natal Commercial, Datacenttrix, said: (unlike other techniques that usually slow down and evolve bottlenecks over time). Infinibox delivers faster performance than all-flash, hyperscale capacity and complete reliability.

“Datacenttrix also recommended high-end servers designed to run Hollywoodbets’ demanding, mission-critical applications and databases to ensure performance and availability.”

Project continues despite Corona

Datacenttrix completed an environmental assessment just before the initial COVID-19 lockdown in February 2020, allowing it to propose an initial solution a few weeks later.

Team fights have continued to close, and despite many regional and global lockdown restrictions still in effect, the order was officially placed by Hollywoodbets in June 2020 with Infinidat promising two-week delivery.

The actual implementation and functionality of the new Infinidat platform was completed in less than 96 hours, followed by a 60-day testing and validation process.

By September all production systems had been migrated to the new platform. Hollywoodbets also took this opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits the new platform brings to optimize, migrate, and integrate its systems.

Once the outdated equipment was released, a third site DR build began and was completed in February 2021.

Reconfiguration and optimization of some LAN switching and inter-site L2 links have been completed by mid-March 2021, which marks the end of the project.

Betting on new platforms

“Datacenttrix has been able to triple the number of data warehouses running on the new Hollywoodbets high-performance scalable platform with no impact to users, customers, or performance,” Spies says. “The system currently offers around 5,000 bets per second (18 million bets per hour) with a catalog of 22,000-23,000 items that users can place bets on.”

Collins says: “From a commercial standpoint, the cost per gigabyte of storage has been cut in half, but performance has improved. As it is an online real-time trading business, system performance and online user experience are essential. Access to immediate data and performance analysis is critical when there is an event that impacts the user experience. Our new solution provides this.

“We spend less time managing and optimizing our storage systems, and AI technology takes care of the optimization. In the direct nature of the Hollywoodbets business, it was important and smooth to have AI technologies that could predict and react faster than humans.

“Since deploying the Infinidat solution, we have been able to double our workloads without impacting our business and recover from application issues in seconds by leveraging the advanced tools built into the Infinidat system.

“Datacenttrix, together with Infinidat, provides regular service review meetings to reduce the time and effort it takes to keep operations up and running, freeing Hollywoodbets to focus on its core business.”

According to Collins, the Datacenttrix Infinidat solution is set to demonstrate significant future-proofing:

  • Reduce capital outlays for future capacity growth by leveraging an included pay-as-you-grow model.
  • 100% capacity increase is already included without investment from Hollywoodbets, so there is no downtime for future expansion. And
  • The integrated AI technology means the system will continue to self-heal and self-optimize, making it faster tomorrow than it is today.

“The Datacenttrix team has a long history of working with BET Software,” he continues. “We like the fact that the company doesn’t provide what we ask for. Datacenttrix invests time and effort out of the box to see if there are better solutions that will add more value to Hollywoodbets, not just on price but also on the way we do business.

“Datacenttrix’s engagement is closer to a ‘client-first’ model,” Collins concluded, “and the organization has the best people and skills to make BET Software available 24/7.”

Hollywoodbets, Infinidat, Datacenttrix Win Private Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Jackpot

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