Hostels in Barberton, Mpumalanga, walk over RDP house – SABC News

Hostels in Barberton, Mpumalanga, have gone to the area’s Mbombela city office and demanded that the government build them a house. Residents claim that the condition of the hostel is in a state of disrepair and on the verge of collapse.

They also claim that they get sick from the asbestos roof.

Hard-line hostels peacefully marched to the local town offices to hand over a memorandum of complaint.

They demand that they be evacuated from the hostel and that RDP houses be built. Residents claim that the hostels are leaking in the rain.

More than a hundred families have lived in the hostel for decades. Lindokuhle Mangokoana, chairwoman of the hostel’s housing committee, says their housing concerns must be included in the municipality’s latest budget.

“Civil protection has already declared that the hostel is unsuitable for human habitation. We believe that the municipality must take note of the civil protection report before it can approve the import.

Residents complain that the situation is getting worse

Residents say they have raised the issue with the municipality for years and say their living conditions are getting worse.

One resident says: “I think these issues started in 2013, there were protests that took about three months, these protests revolved around the country, which we have not yet updated.

Another resident, “The house is collapsing, the roof is asbestos, we have no peace in that hostel.”

The municipality is now building new structures but residents are not happy with them.

Dr Derrick Ndlovu, executive director of service centers in the city of Mbombela, received complaints.

“We have received the memorandum from the members of the community, as the management we will sit and look at the memorandum, soon, in a few days we will be in a position to respond.

The walk was in parallel with the processing of the budget for the financial year 2022/23. The local government has been given seven days to respond to the demands of the residents.

Hostels in Barberton, Mpumalanga, walk over RDP house – SABC News

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