How China’s Expanding Surveillance Gives the State More Control

“Chinese Ambition to collect huge amounts of personal data from everyday citizens The New York Times reports that the Visual Investigations team, along with reporters in Asia, is more extensive than previously known after “spent more than a year analyzing over 100,000 government tender documents”.
The Chinese government’s goals are clear. It’s about designing a system that maximizes what the state can learn about an individual’s identity, activity and social connection…. Times analysis shows that police have strategically chosen locations to maximize the amount of facial recognition data. Cameras can collect…. Police also wanted to install facial recognition cameras inside residential buildings, karaoke lounges and private spaces like hotels. To borrow the words of the police, the strategy for upgrading the video surveillance system was to achieve the ultimate goal of ‘controlling and managing people’.

Authorities are using phone trackers to connect people’s digital lives with their physical movements. Devices known as Wi-Fi sniffers and IMSI catchers can gather information from nearby phones, allowing police to track target movements… I wrote. Owner username of popular Chinese social media app…. Currently, all 31 provinces and regions in mainland China use phone trackers.

They indiscriminately collect DNA, iris scan samples, and sexual prints from people unrelated to the crime. Chinese police have begun collecting voices using recorders attached to facial recognition cameras. In the southeastern city of Zhongshan, police wrote in tender documents that they wanted a device that could record audio from a radius of at least 300 feet around the camera. The software then analyzes the glottis and adds it to the database. Police boasted that when combined with facial analysis, they could find suspects faster.
The Times also made separate video Summarize their findings.

And while their article estimates that more than a billion surveillance cameras worldwide are already in China, more information needs to be gathered. According to the Times, one of China’s largest surveillance contractors has released software that displays an individual’s “motions, clothing, vehicles, mobile device information and social connections” to the government. “The Times investigation showed that this product was already in use by Chinese police.”

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How China’s Expanding Surveillance Gives the State More Control

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