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As an individual, you need to know your worth and work on it before you can even think of investing your feelings in someone else. Healthy relationships are built on trust, honesty, consistency and love. You don’t deserve someone who thinks it’s okay to randomly disappear on you and walk back into your life like you’ve done nothing wrong. People who are ghosts do this. They are inconsistent and often have ridiculous excuses for their disappearing acts. Such a relationship is toxic and poses serious health risks. Here’s why.

what is a ghost

Ghosting is basically cutting off all communication with the person to end the relationship. If your partner stops responding to your texts (meaning they don’t respond to you for more than a few days) or you suddenly find it hard to get hold of them, it could also be ghosting.

Why do people ghost?

Partners who ghost you do so for many reasons. One of the reasons your partner might ghost you is because they believe that disappearing from your life is an easy and clean way to end a relationship they are no longer interested in.

Remember that a partner who ghosts is operating from a selfish place. They only look out for their own needs and wants and care very little about how their inconsistent behavior affects you.

When you’re ghosting, you tend to think you’ve done something wrong and may question your self-esteem. The worst part is that if your partner comes back, they will usually convince you that you are the problem. Of course, this is not true. They are wrong and must be responsible (take responsibility) for their actions.

What to do when you are ghosted

While you may think of a million reasons why you might be ghosting, it’s important to remind yourself that you really can’t control the other person’s actions. However, you can control how you react and what you allow.

If you decide to talk to them again, you should explain how their actions affected you and make it clear that you will not tolerate it. Most importantly, if you don’t cut them off, then you should get tested and screened for STIs and make sure you use condoms during sex. An unreliable partner is more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior, which increases the chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

Remember that the problem is not with you – a person who loves you will be honest about his feelings and will not really disappear on you. Relationships should be a source of happiness, not doubt and disappointment. Know your worth

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How do you know if you are being ignored in a relationship? – Entertainment SA

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