How execMobile helped CBS Africa connect remote sites in Africa

we publish November 2020 article title “IoT for Africa: Why choose execMobile?”. The customer case study below captures the points raised in that article and shows why you should work with us on your next Internet of Things (IoT) project.

This article covers issues related to Pan-African Sim management, customer service, technical expertise, and above all SIMpliCity (the proper name for our management platform).


Complete Business Services Africa (CBS Africa) provides world-class workforce management and physical security solutions from industry-leading solution providers to a variety of industries across Africa, including mining and construction. CBS Africa is trusted by customers across Africa for its innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology, seamless installation and integration, reliable maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, and insightful analytics. All of this would not be possible without a seamless connection to all monitored sites.


One of CBS Africa’s largest customers in the construction industry is the many remote sites where these time and attendance devices are used. The project took place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the largest countries in Africa. With its limited network infrastructure, CBS Africa relied on mobile coverage to implement its solutions in these remote locations.


  • applied area: execMobile’s Sim card allowed devices to be connected anywhere, regardless of the local carrier. Multiple IMSI Sim cards aren’t new, but the technology that allows these IDs to be exchanged remotely isn’t perfect for everyone, especially without the originally provisioned network. This is especially evident when IoT providers can only offer network partners that are limited by country.
  • simple: CBS Africa Chief Technology Officer Mike Ellison explains: The biggest advantages are: As soon as the Sim card is activated domestically, it is reported live through our communication software and we can communicate directly with our readers.”
  • expertise: As with all IoT projects, this one didn’t have some dents along the way. CBS Africa faced a traffic routing problem and it took time to solve. “Then it literally required two Microsoft Teams meetings with the engineering teams from both sides, and the problem was separated into the wrong text address, because the device configuration screen didn’t have enough characters at the end to notice the error,” Ellison said. Says. .
  • customer service: Important events happen at any time. The above shows that it is essential to work with a provider that is equipped to provide a 24/7 technical support hub, regardless of time zone and region. This support provides more visibility and better control for faster problem identification and resolution, keeping your IoT deployments up and running around the clock.


Partner with a provider that provides a dedicated account team and single point of contact to help you grow your business. The service has the expertise and online tools to ensure that defects are logged until resolved.

“Complete Business Services has decided to use execMobile’s Sim and related management and network services to provide a connectivity solution to help manage our flagship remote time and attendance solution used to collect this data across the African region. I did. Moving our customer workforce management solution to the cloud required a trusted connectivity partner, and we found it with execMobile’s IoT solution,” says Ellison.

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How execMobile helped CBS Africa connect remote sites in Africa

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