How Industrial Light & Magic revives ABBA with digital ABBA-Tars

“After breaking up 40 years ago, Abba is known for refusing any kind of money to get them back together. A performance with Avatar.” rolling stone.

“But a few years ago the British entrepreneur Simon Fuller We came up with an idea that sparked the interest of Swedish superstars.…”

ABBA singer-songwriter Benny Andersson told Zoom, “I was excited to be able to stand on stage even if we weren’t there.”

Together with Fuller and their producers Ludvig Andersson (son of Benny Andersson) and Svana Gisla (music video producers such as Radiohead and Beyonce), the band initially sought ways to reproduce themselves with holographic technology, but to no avail. They finally realized a bigger dream: ABBA Voyage, a concert residency for 196 performances from 27 May at the newly built ABBA Arena in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. Created with the help of George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic, digital avatars (or ABBA-tars) embody the stars of their heyday in the ’70s, assembled by James Righton of Klaxons and featuring British singer Little Boots in key, flesh and blood. Plays a set of 22 songs with a mixed back band….

The band, team, and ILM realized early on that the existing venue would not work for residency. According to Gisla, ABBA Voyage has 1,000 visual effects artists, which is the largest project ILM has ever undertaken. star WarsMarvel, and Jurassic Park). ABBA Arena’s roof has been redesigned three times to accommodate the complex lighting system. Many concerts can only use one light fixture, but this one uses 20.

A lot of work went into creating the ABBA-tars that the band highlights. ~ no A hologram but digital version of a member that looks like an actual real performer. Shortly before the pandemic nearly ceased, the four members of ABBA gathered from 10am-5pm daily for four and a half weeks, performing in motion for 200 cameras and nearly 40 crew members. – Capture suit. They settled in a sound studio within the Swedish Film Institute, performing all carefully selected songs for their first show in 40 years. “It was really fun for all of us,” Andersson says.

Back in London, Body Double emulated the show but with a younger energy. Andersson goes on to say, “We’ve merged with the double of our bodies. Don’t ask how it works because you can’t explain it.” “If you’re 75, you don’t jump as much as you did when you were 34, so this is what happened.”
Producer Ludvig Andersson adds: “We often hear the saying, ‘This is the dawn of a new era of live entertainment.’

How Industrial Light & Magic revives ABBA with digital ABBA-Tars

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