How marathon runner Des Linden challenged “unknown” and broke the 50km record

These were the two tips she chose when toasting to be the first woman to run 50 km within 3 hours on April 13 at 2:59:54 on a course near Eugene, Oregon. .. -And 30 minutes.

“The best thing that has happened so far in talking about bourbon publicly is that there are a lot of bourbon fans out there and they all want to share it with you,” said a little spiritual enthusiast. Home Linden says CNN sports..

“I was given a lot of bourbon and whiskey, and we had this really nice thing aged like 66 months or something-it was beautiful.”

I earned a lot of celebrations. A veteran marathon runner who has never raced more than 26.2 miles, Linden set a record from Alyson Dixon in the UK, averaging 5 minutes 47 seconds, over 31 miles and below the 3-hour mark. ..

Race beyond the marathon

37-year-old Linden decided to set a 50km record to fill a hole in the race calendar that would normally be occupied by a spring marathon.

Last October she completed a unique feat called “Destover”. This included running the corresponding distance on each day of the month. I finished 1 mile on the first day, 2 miles on the second day, and finally 31 miles. October 31st.

It triggered an attempt at 50km in April, the accumulation of which included 110-115 miles of running each week, and a tough speed session incorporated into long runs of 20, 22, 24 and 26 miles.

The training was designed to prepare Linden for racing beyond the distance of the marathon.

“I was passing 25 or 26 miles and I started feeling tired of the marathon with my feet sticking to the ground. The energy levels are low and there is still a long way to go,” she said last month. I look back on that. Event.

“The most difficult part of this course was leaving the start / finish line after crossing the 26.2 mile mark.

“It’s actually getting closer, but it’s moving away from home to some extent. It was a big mental challenge.”

Linden turns the road to a 50km record.

It proved to be a new racing experience for Linden, as fans weren’t on the route and only the company’s pacemaker. Sticking to the target pace on a winding round-trip course along a deserted bike path near Lake Dorena required intensive thinking.

“It was these long stretches of absolutely beautiful scenery,” says Linden.

“There is a horse on the side of the road that runs at the same pace as us, and it’s beautiful, but we didn’t have real energy around us, so we could easily fall asleep.

“Physically, I felt very trapped and very well prepared … the main challenge was the last 5 or 6 miles away. Get records and sub-3s. I will. ”

“Big shooting” in Boston

At a distance of 50km unrecognized by World Athletics, Linden’s time does not count as an official world record-instead, it is described by the sports governing body as “the best in the world”.

But as far as she is concerned, that all means the same thing.

“It’s just a word, isn’t it?” Linden says. “No one in the world has ever done this when simplifying it to the general public, and it’s still quite special.

“As we make this event more popular and more people can start it, World Athletics will probably rethink their stance on it.”

After competing in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, Linden slightly missed the spot of the US marathon team in Tokyo and finished fourth in a trial in Atlanta last year.

As an alternative to this year’s Olympics if team members have to withdraw, Linden also Boston marathon During October.
In 2018, she fought over wind, rain and cold, The first American woman to win a victory in Boston since 1985 -Performance she wants to repeat later this year.
Linden celebrates after crossing the finish line at the 2018 Boston Marathon.

“Whenever I sign up, Win Boston is my goal. It’s interesting to see how the fields are combined and how they feel in the fall,” she said, and racing is normal in a pandemic. Moved from April date.

“I’m excited to be able to train at home in Charlevoix, Michigan. I think it’s a great area to prepare for a Boston-type course. I’m definitely shooting a big course in October.”

And for ultra-running (defined as a non-marathon race), a 50km record may have been Linden’s start.

“It’s intriguing to get into that unknown world and be like’I’ve never been here’,” she says.

“It was all very foreign, fresh and new, and I think I was excited about farther and longer distances … it’s all about challenging myself and testing those unknowns. ..

“There’s obviously a fair amount of distance left to get there. I think I’ve been a little longer and I’ve been able to see myself flirting with something like that for a while.”

How marathon runner Des Linden challenged “unknown” and broke the 50km record

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