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How to Choose the Best Kaftan

Initially, kaftan was worn by Persians, and with time it traveled to Andalusia and later on to Morocco, where it anchored itself in the early 16th century. There are different luxurious textiles used to design the garment. Nowadays, it is a domain in women’s fashion. It is a must-have piece of cloth while at the beach, and it is identified with femininity.

Which is your length preference?

Do you prefer your beach kaftan short or long? Similar to tunics, beach kaftans have a two-cut design. If you want the long-styled kaftan, it falls to mid-thigh, and during summer, it can be comfortably worn like a fluid, light, and short dress. On the other hand, the short kaftans are worn like ponchos over the bikini by the ocean or sea. When in town, and you decide to put it on, it gives a chick look, especially when fitted with shorts or canvas pants.

Go for elegant lace kaftans

The beauty of this garment is its rhyme with sensuality. It suggests the wearer’s curves without showing too much; hence you can bet on it playing with transparency while hinting at the silhouette underneath. If you want to style your swimsuit, then the fine-laced kaftans with bohemian inspiration will serve you the best. Different colors suit different peoples’ tastes and preferences.

Dare to choose plus-size kaftans

Kaftans are designed to offer an item of chic clothing that completes a beach outfit and suits all body types. Unlike ornamental clothes, it gives absolute comfort from its light and puffy effect. Whether you choose short or long sleeves, the garment amplifies one’s curves: different designs, colors, styles, sizes, and fabrics to choose from and enjoy your outfit.

Try pairing your selected kaftan with your skin tone

Beach kaftan designs enhance the body features, similar to summer beach dresses. Now, it is up to you to choose the best kaftan that enhances your summer glow. If you have fairer skin, choosing pastel colors like powder pink or almond green gives a chic glow. Play around with bright colors like bubble gum pink. Polka dots, solid colors, and delicate floral prints also play the part. Try avoiding white and nude variations if it is too close to your natural skin tone, as it can make your complexion seem washed-out.

For people whose skin has pink undertones, going for dusty rose shades or vintage brass helps highlight the skin tone. Retro patterns, for instance, geometric art decorative designs and asymmetrical stripes, offer a sexy and casual look. Are you trying to enhance your tawny skin? Then go the different earthy tones like ocher or khaki. For real dynamism, go for bright colors, such as turquoise blue, fuchsia, or papaya orange.  Today, beach kimonos with modern prints designed with tropical inspirations or abstract patterns are super trendy. Classic nautical stripes remain to be timeless in all beachwear fashions.

In conclusion, when choosing a beach kaftan, choose the one that compliments your skin tone, and going for the trending pieces is okay.

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