How to place basketball bets in live?

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Live basketball betting can possess risks, hence you need to study each strategy more carefully and thoroughly.

You can make bets on basketball in live and become filthy rich. You need to be aware of basketball strategies, look for promising matches, and find a reliable bookie. Take a closer look at the bet winner. It’s one of the most legit and worthwhile bookmakers in the world.

Betting strategy by quarters

The strategy above also applies to this section, but now let’s analyze the same overtaking, only on the total of basketball games. Choose the odds from 1,80 and if you lose, increase the bet amount, in order to cover the previous deficit. It’s the essence of the Martingale strategy. It is necessary to correctly calculate the bank or you can lose all your money in 3-4 bets.

We are talking about exactly the victory of the outsider in the quarter through the catch-up. The odds on such a bet are always high — in one of the quarters the underdog may well clinch, and the favorite should not be too obvious. The odds on the underdog range from 1.6 to 3.

Live odd/even betting

You may be surprised, but even here the basis of the strategy is the overturn. The number of points in a quarter or by the result of the match should be even: 80:82=162 – even, but 80:81=161 – odd.

Live betting on individual totals

The essence of this strategy on basketball online is the average number of points of one of the teams plus or minus four points. It all depends on the strength of the opponent and the current form of the teams.

For instance, CSKA and Real Madrid are playing, the Army team is in good shape and the average individual total for the quarters in the last matches is 25, if they give the total of 27.5, you can take and play the proverbial long run.

Bets on total

You can bet on totals not only with the use of the total but also according to statistics.

  • The average number of points. We add up all the points scored by the team during the season and get the value we are looking for. Let’s look at how many points are given in the live broadcast, and make a prediction based on it.
  • Based on the tactics of the opponents. Some teams play defense against a particular opponent and put the upper total too high.

How to bet on live basketball?

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How to make bets on basketball in live. It’s not rocket science, let us show you a turn-based guide. Pre-register and go through identification. Then:

  • Login to the account.
  • Select the “Live” section.
  • Click on the “Basketball”.
  • Choose a match.
  • Choose the outcome.
  • Click on the selected odds.
  • Enter the amount of bet, then click “Make bet”.

Pros of playing basketball live

  • A big choice of bets.
  • A lot of strategies are based on
  • Availability of strategies
  • Fast calculation of bets
  • Dynamic game


Live basketball betting is gaining momentum. You can watch broadcasts of basketball games and simultaneously bet in live mode, according to the basic strategies. Watching online and betting at the same time is much more convenient than making predictions without seeing the course of the game.



Is it challenging to bet on basketball in live?

No, it’s not challenging at all. The first-and-foremost thing you need to do is find a reliable bookmaker with up-to-date and wide live coverage.

How to win money on live betting?

You need to place bets according to sure-fire strategies and your gut feeling. It’s important to stay cold-blooded. Do not place bets in live when your emotions are in control of you.

What’s important to know?

Basketball is a fast-paced game, so you need to know how to bet on quarters properly. Have a closer look at the coaches’ adjustments at the half-time. More often than not, the underdog starts playing better and strives to cut a deficit after timeouts.

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