How to quickly get your driving license renewed in South Africa

The Society for Road Traffic Management [RTMC]which launched its online system to allow South Africans to renew their vehicle registration or driver’s license, encourages the public to use its services, despite being more expensive than some third-party systems.

The RTMC reported that more than 1,300 people have successfully completed online transactions since the system went live.

The Department for Transport has indicated that the March 31 deadline, introduced to compensate for the closure of driving test centers during the hard lockdown, will no longer be extended.

South Africa’s Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said motorists driving beyond that date with expired licenses could face fines and possible prosecution.

To use RTMC’s new service, drivers must:

  • Log in NaTIS platform
  • Select “Show Engine Extensions”
  • Choose the license disc/car
  • Enter card data from the respective bank and pay

Once payment is made, drivers have the choice of having the license plate disc sent by courier to the address of their choice, or having it printed out at the nearest driver’s license testing office.

What you need to renew

Most third-party renewal procedures and traditional procedures require motorists to provide:

  • a license disc,
  • a copy of your ID
  • proof of address [no older than 3 months]
  • Approval letters if you are applying for someone else

When registering for companies, all of the above are required, as well as a certificate of registration number.

Third Party Offers

To help people avoid long lines, companies have turned vehicle license renewals into a business. Online systems like Chatback do not require any physical interaction with humans at all, but they come at a price. Delivery fees vary depending on the third party carrier, with the South African Postal Service offering the lowest rates due to its wide network of couriers.

All costs shown in the table below are added to the actual government mandated license plate renewal fees, which are unique to each vehicle’s weight.

Here are some other places where you can get a license without visiting a branch. Days refer to working days

providers provinces days fees Delivery Maximum sum
chatback GP, WM, KZN, NW, FS max 10 R300 service charge [R350 for Free State] R110** R460
Pick n Pay All max 10 R250 administration fee R99 R349
Sorted GP, WM 2 to 7 R300 service charge Incl. R300
easy to renew KZN, GP max 10 R8.50 per direct debit order transaction
R188 per vehicle payable monthly OR
Annual EFT of R250 per vehicle
Incl. R259
renew online GP, LP 3+ R95 administration fee R115 R210
License Za GP, LP, FS, NW 2 to 4 R207 service charge
(Larger fleets have negotiable prices)
Incl. R207
MotorHero All max 7 R199 service charge Incl. R199
FNB Nav All ~10 R199 service charge Incl. R199
Wesbank All when funded by First Rand ~10 R199 service charge
(Free with On-Road Protect)
Incl. R199
NaTIS All 3 R72 service charge R99 R171
PayCity GP, WM 5 to 12 R72 service charge R99 R171
SA Post Office All** 3 R72 service charge plus any penalties R75 R147

* Paperless email delivery available. Shipping costs apply for the delivery of the original

** Excluding WC and select districts in NW and MP

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How to quickly get your driving license renewed in South Africa

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