‘How to Ruin Christmas’ Busi Lurayi star anniversary

South African actor Busi Lurayi died on Sunday 10 July at the age of 36. As a statement through his talent agency, The How to ruin Christmas The actor was found dead at his home in Johannesburg and the cause of his death has not been confirmed. Fun has since come from the SAFTA star-winning entertainment industry.

Lurayi’s memorial service will take place at the Market Theater in Johannesburg on Tuesday 19 July.

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Busi Lurayi’s brother, Sonti Lurayi, told him TimesLive and the actor was unwell and read off the set while shooting Gossip!. The co-stars did not hear from her and Busi’s father found her dead in his daughter’s room.

“He called the police and called the emergency services. Busi was pronounced dead at 23:15. The family is devastated,” added Sonti Lurayi.

Sonti added that the family is waiting for answers about the cause of the actor’s death saying it is delaying the family to make “big decisions”.

Company members remember BUSI LURAYI

Actor and TV producer Mandla N, who played Busi Lurayi’s on-screen husband on SABC 1 City of Ses’Lasaid she was shocked to hear of his death.

“I don’t know what to do. I called my producer Zikhona who told me the story is true,” he told Kaya 959.

“All that remains now is to celebrate his life. For me, he gave it his all in this business.”

Lurayi is also best known for playing Tumi Sello in the first two seasons of Netflix How to ruin Christmas. According to a source, the actor has no plans to return to the series.

See his memorial service here

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‘How to Ruin Christmas’ Busi Lurayi star anniversary

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