How to tell your barber that you don’t like your haircut

When you stepped into the hairdresser, you asked to move away a bit. “No problem!” Said the man who is now hitting your mane like a gardener who drank six espresso with his nose before trimming some bushes. When the barber asks, “So what do you think?”, Cold sweat runs down the forehead and behind the neck.

Frankly, you think this guy needs to retire the Clippers — and maybe get some mental counseling, or at least check his eyes — your new haircut Rottweiler because it looks like a bird’s nest bitten at 80 pounds. The problem is that it’s hard to criticize a man waving sharp scissors next to his ears. And what if instead of fixing it he gets angry and makes it look even worse than it already is?

So what do you do, and more importantly, what do you say?

Whether you’re dissatisfied with the general direction your hairstyle is going in between cuts, or you’re sitting white crouching in a chair scared of what’s happening to your precious Burnett , It’s important to talk. It’s a shy conversation that many men want. Instead of facing it, they are at risk of suffering from silence or switching to another salon and end up with another haircut that they dislike, and now they are even less confident in growing it-thus. The cycle goes on until you hit or adopt the laser with the clipper Yes as a trilogical icon. Well, after a few months of growth time, there has never been a better time to control.

“It may be a very British man to be quiet for fear of looking useless or difficult, so they choose to be quiet and live with them.” Says Dennis Robinson, an experienced barber and brand specialist. RufianThere are shops in London and Edinburgh. “Communication is everything. It’s our job as a technical expert to do that, but it’s your job to explain when your needs change.”

“Bring photos! Contrary to urban legends, we love them.”

It’s natural to scare a chair, and you don’t want to offend someone with very sharp scissors, so plan ahead. You will be warned in advance. Make the next appointment over the phone and let them know that you have changed your style. Ask questions about this, as most decent salons and hairdressers offer an extended reservation of 15 minutes for additional consultation time. Then, when you arrive, you will know what to expect. You will be empowered and will soon be in the driver’s seat. Let’s say you want to try something new, and try some ideas. If you have it, it will bring inspiration. “Bring a photo!” Robinson says. “Contrary to urban legends, we love them.”

You may feel tearing the page from GQ The shoot is a bit overkill-yes, I do this! – But a decent barber is always honest about whether something suits you and may be able to offer a more viable alternative. “Good barbers always tact to explain why they don’t think something is achievable,” says Robinson. “Clients may have a very different hair type than the image they are using as a reference. The hair they are showing me is actually a wig and may be difficult to reproduce. I had to explain before. ”The barber’s purpose is to make you happy to come back again and again. If they say “no”, that’s a good reason, but a good barber always says the reason.

Another reason why we don’t speak in chairs? We know we want change, but we don’t know which direction to go. You may find it painful in the ass and making the barber’s job difficult, but this is their job! You want them to have creative input! They love it! “We are there to make suggestions based on our belief that we can have hair,” says Robinson. “If the client has no idea at all, you need to offer an option. I usually lead what I think is the best, but if the client goes second or third, it’s my nose It’s not the skin. “

Please note that the stylist is professional. As long as they are polite and constructive, they won’t hurt their feelings if they don’t like their ideas. Reputation plays a major role in the success of a hairdresser. Anyone worthy of their salt wouldn’t want you to climb out of a chair and tell everyone how terrible you were. However, Robinson admits that not all barbers are exemplary. “I came across a barber with a ridiculous ego in my time. They become arrogant and mock their clients. I always think it doesn’t matter how good they are, they If they are not good for me, they are not good for I. “

Reputation plays a major role in the success of a hairdresser.Anyone who deserves their salt wouldn’t want you to crouch down from your chair and tell everyone the terrible time you had.

The ultimate nightmare is to see our haircut off course and stare into its relentless mirror, especially for stylists we are not familiar with. Remember: It’s never too late (unless they’re in the middle of a buzz cut). Anyway your barber could pick up the sign-your body language will release you. “As a barber, it’s important to be able to stop and open conversations and readjust, rather than go through the plow,” says Robinson. “As a client, if you start to feel anxious or uncomfortable, raise your voice.” If they can’t hear you in the clipper, raise your hand and talk a little about where things are. Ask if it will take some time.

If you’re worried about criticism, assemble it as an innocent question. “Remember. What will the top look like when you’re done?” Or “I’d like to see … is this as short as we go to the side?”

Be aware that this is an ongoing task, but be clear that you are in control. ?? Or maybe, “I was just thinking … I don’t know what we said for the final look. Can I just stop?”

“Don’t be afraid to talk to someone when you’re not happy. We’re trained in haircuts, but we also have communication skills.

To be honest, acknowledge the barber’s experience and expertise. “I’m sure I’m not worried about anything, but this seems a bit short to me. Do you think it still works?” Or “Tell me what you’re doing here. Can you please? It doesn’t look like I’m used to having it. “

Calm down so things don’t escalate, even if you’re furious-storms don’t heal your hair-and explain your worries. Keep in mind that the current state may be temporary as it has not been completed yet. If so, the barber will explain, otherwise they will be glad you stopped them. “Mainly, I think barbers regret misinterpreting what you were looking for and want to make sure they understand it correctly,” says Robinson. “Always remember, it’s that your hair and your money are being spent. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone when you’re not happy. We have communication skills as well as haircuts. Being trained, I want to understand both aspects correctly. “

Sometimes, yes, stylists may be stuck in their way, reluctant to try new things, or you may want to ignore their advice and control your own hair fate. .. Eventually the scissors are in their hands, but your destiny is yours. If things don’t go the way you want, treat them like any other relationship. As Robinson says, “If you find it impossible to communicate with a barber or you haven’t heard of a barber, it’s time to look for a new barber.”

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How to tell your barber that you don’t like your haircut

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