“I can not walk” – Gospel singer Deborah Fraser

The award-winning gospel singer, Dr. Deborah Fraser Revealed that his movement coordinates were not functioning well and he could not walk.

It became known through the video of TikTok, after he saw that he was playing in a wheelchair, it spread virally.

The video has led to speculation that he may have been an actor, while others believe he is indeed ill.

“I’m not playing, I can not walk,” the singer said after the video was released.

The star said in an interview with the Daily Sun: “It all started when I started vomiting uncontrollably and lost strength. I can no longer walk after that. “

He says his movement coordination is not functioning well because when he has to go right, he goes left.

The creator of the hit Abanye Bayombona added that he was ill and was taken to hospital earlier this year in February and March.

He also told the publication that everything was not easy for him and hoped that his fans would not see him as it was said, adding that the performance in the video was centuries ago.

He had to fulfill his obligation and play even in a wheelchair.

Watch the viral video:

“I can not walk” – Gospel singer Deborah Fraser

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