“I did not know myself,” SK Jose says in an annoying viral video

SC Khoza He talks more about the disturbing video where he acted drunk and tried to fight a man in Limpopo, outside Zebula Lodge.

The actor then apologized to the South Africans and said he was in a dark space.

However, in a recent interview with TT Mbah, he spoke more about the unpleasant event.

He argues that his drink could have been dripping because he remembers nothing and regrets how events unfolded that day because it was the day Black Coffee won a Grammy.

“People do not care. “If I have to tell everyone right now that I do not remember any of these videos, then I’m scared,” he said.

“We live in a world where people drink or store food. I’m thinking about that day and the fact that Black Coffee has just won a Grammy Award and all that people have been talking about is SK. “Do people understand that Grammy is what I killed as an actor for?”

“This Monday was proof that we love the negative and we rejoice in it. It was a wonderful moment for black coffee and I felt bad because I was doing my own thing. I’m not very religious. But we need a miracle. I’m afraid of my country. “We like to drag people away,” he said.

“Uncle Shaw (Shona Ferguson) said, ‘A negative mind can never have a positive life.’ Correct me if I am wrong, but my perception is that we all have problems, money, love, religion, family or some kind of problem. “But if your heart is not pure, you use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Khoza says he goes through a difficult path that he does not expose.

“I have a very difficult journey, which I do not allow to talk about now, it is one of the most difficult things I have had to go through in my life. However, no matter how hard and how hard I am, because I am made of steel, I do not have balls to take my life. I never thought about it. I say, this too will pass. “

“I did not know myself,” SK Jose says in an annoying viral video

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