‘I prayed … I kept my faith’: Glory and victory #BBMzansi

It was a sad and exciting 71 days Big Brother Mzansi Winner of 2022 Michelle ‘Mphowabadimo’ Mvundla. The 27-year-old Sangoma won R2 million to beat his teammates Themba Mabaso, Gershwin ‘Gash1’ Mthombeni, Libo Njomba and Tulani ‘Tulz’ Madala on Sunday 3 April.

As a spiritual person, Mphowabadimo says that his faith was one of the reasons he went on and he is happy that he represented the success of the team.

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In his interview Drum Magazine, Mphowabadimo said it was his dream to get into the film. For him, his purpose is to represent what he represents and to believe that the purpose is fulfilled.

“I came home looking for a dream come true. I grew up watching the show and found myself in it and I wanted to represent what I stand for, spirituality and ubungoma. But I do not want to speculate. It means I have to be myself. His purpose was accomplished, ”he said.

PRAYER AND ITS DIARY His time with BIGGIE helped him cope

Staying at home with strangers can be detrimental to one’s mental health. The conflict of egos has led to many movies and fights. Having an argument with some of his peers while he was at home, Mphowabadimo said that spreading Biggie and praying helped him a lot.

“Prayer and a notebook in the classroom were the only comfort I had at home. I prayed. I was just as frustrated and anxious as everyone else at home, but I kept my faith and remembered why I came there, where I came from, my family, my goals and my dreams. From the first day to the last day, I never won anything at home, I always stood for the expulsion and then did it until the end, which is because of prayer, ”he explained.

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There is a 7.28% margin between Mphowabadimo and Gash1 who are in the second round. However, the mother of one of them said she did not believe in the campaign because she did not think it would work.

“I think the social media, and the print t-shirts that support me is wrong, it happened in other countries. When I saw the efforts of our family in printing t -shirt, he really encouraged me to try to stay in the game, “he says.

Asked what was next, he said he would check his new board now to make his dream come true.

“I am a single mother. My brother and my mother have diabetes. My mother was fired and my family was cared for while achieving my goal was at the top of my list. I planned before I came here. I want to go back and meditate. The show has changed my perspective on life. I was the only housekeeper. “Everything is for my family, and I need to give my son a future,” he says.

‘I prayed … I kept my faith’: Glory and victory #BBMzansi

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