“I will not earn the money I was earning,” said Casper Newvest

South African hip hop rapper and businessman Refiloe Phoolo, commonly known as Cassper Nyovest, is preparing for one of South Africa’s biggest events, which is his fight with actor and musician NaakMusiQ, which will take place next Saturday, April 9, at the Sun. City.

Against the background of the last training and preparation for the big fight, Little girl The hitmaker can not help but reflect on his life and everything he has put into his career to become a successful businessman and artist like he is today.

Appearance On a slick lifeCasper revealed that for the longest time he did not earn as much money as when he started his music career.

“Many people do not know how much I will say goodbye, as if I will not earn the money I earned, but I live the way I used to live and it is getting worse. “I owe 20,000 to that boy, 50,000 to that boy and 500,000 to that boy,” Newvest said.

Refilo then paid tribute to the people he was surrounded by, noting that they played an important role in helping him re-establish himself, where he now makes the same amount of money as he did when he started working. As a rapper.

“I just had a great support structure and I was able to reach a point where now, for the first time in my career, I actually have money pockets growing where I forget, but that has never been the case,” Fulo said. .

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The Guess what The hitmaker also talked about the Fill-Up music concerts he hosted at which he was making big money and said he had to take the money from a few friends because he knew he would get that money back only after that. Long waiting period.

“My friends know that I was constantly borrowing money. In particular, the first replenishment was really difficult because we were literally putting money into things we knew were not going to return money right away, ”Casper Newest said.

Mzansi is well placed in the impending, imminent battle of Cassius and Naaki, and to make things more interesting, Limpopo’s favorite musician, King Monada He has increased his bets on social media by promising to give up his new home if Casper wins the battle.

“If Casper Newvest wins, I will give my house back to the community,” Monad said.

When Newest received a tweet, he replied to Monada asking if she had been hacked, but that tweet did not respond.

“I will not earn the money I was earning,” said Casper Newvest

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