IBM Finally Announces IBM I Version 7.5

old slashdot leader slack_justyb writes: IBM announced its first new release, IBM i (maybe known by its former name AS/400) 7.5, three years after the 7.4 release. One of the big headlines for the IBM i 7.5 announcement is Merlin, a modernization engine for lifecycle integration….

With the Db2 product, IBM i now accepts a Boolean data type that supports this new type in RPG and JSON environments. For larger indexes, the previous limit was 1.6 TB indexes, which has now been increased to 16 TB. And Db2 is now fully compliant with the most recently published SQL standard of SQL:2016, overtaking Oracle with full support for the standard. Finally, a QSYS2-based feature for using HTTP requests to publish or consume web services, including using embedded SQL in REST services. These are enhanced versions of the features seen in 7.3/7.4 where IBM removed the requirement for the JVM to use SQL to consume web services.
IT Jungle There are more details. Some of the highlights:

Merlin provides a lightweight browser-based development environment for creating new applications or modernizing existing RPG-based applications. An alternative to Eclipse-based Rational Developer for i (RDi) that many developers hate. Developed in collaboration with ARCAD Software, Merlin comes preloaded with RPG code converters and tools like Git and Jenkins for DevOps style code management. It runs on Linux-based Red Hat OpenShift containers running on the Power platform. Although not technically tied to IBM i version 7.5 or 7.4 TR6, Merlin represents a significant change in the way IBM packages and delivers functionality for IBM i stores. code base…

IBM now supports customers to purchase IBM i subscriptions from one to five years. Allows customers to use the operating expenditure (Opex) budget line for their subscriptions instead of the dreaded capital expenditure (CapEx) accounting code. Because IBM is currently focused on low-end IBM i environments, current subscriptions are limited to 4-core P05 systems. As part of the transition to software subscriptions, IBM is rethinking how to bundle frequently used complementary products with IBM i. Eleven packages are being moved to core OS qualifications.

IBM Finally Announces IBM I Version 7.5

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