ICYMI! DSTV Confirms ‘The Queen Mzansi’ Is Coming To An End

ICYMI! DSTV confirms the emergence of ‘Queen Mzansi’. After weeks of speculation and reports, DSTV has finally confirmed what fans were scared to hear and what critics say they saw coming, the award – winning Telenovela ‘The Queen Mzansi’ is coming to an end in Together with lingashoni which is renewed for the second and final season for its premiere on March 21, and the final episode to air on January 13, 2023.

The Queen Mzansi renewed for its seventh and final season premiered in July, with the last episode aired on January 13, 2023 according to News24.MNet Local Entertainment Channels explained in a press release the new changes saying 1Magic and Mzansi Magic were revised to be the familiar with the changing preferences of the audience and the changing landscape of competitors.

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“The success of our local strategy depends on how well we adapt to what our audience wants to see on screen. Telenovelas was the heart of our audience throughout the week and continue to be so on Mzansi Magic. A new telenovela will be introduced in a 21:00 slot during the week, which will be replaced The Queen from January 2023. New content is still being developed and will be announced in due course. Although 1Magic is not traditionally known as the home of telenovelas, it has one of our most popular telenovelas, The river – an award – winning production that is very popular with audiences. It has just been renewed for season 5. Our venue for lingashoni announced soon, ”the press release said.

“As local M-Net entertainment channels, we would like to pay tribute to the company’s producers, projectors and crew The Queen and lingashoni for their commitment to delivering award-winning jokes and content in a highly controversial prime-time slot, ”said Shirley Adonisi, M-Net’s director of local entertainment channels.

“We have a long-standing positive relationship with Ferguson Films and Stained Glass TV, and both shows have created other shows for our channel. For Ferguson Films, they gave us some great shows including Rockville, Igazi, The Emperor and Unmarried; and Stained Glass TV is the studio behind our shows Ifalakhe, eHostela and the massively popular The Wife”Said Adonisi.

There is no comment yet from the Ferguson Films regarding the cancellation of the show.

ICYMI! DSTV Confirms ‘The Queen Mzansi’ Is Coming To An End Source link ICYMI! DSTV Confirms ‘The Queen Mzansi’ Is Coming To An End

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