If the club is abusing Covid’s postponement rules, Tuhel will be “very angry.”

If Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel discovers that his rival Premier League club is abusing the coronavirus deferral rule after his club’s request to cancel the match is deaf, he Say “very angry”.

Bruce sought to postpone the match against the wolf on December 19th after seven Covid-19 incidents at the camp. The match ended with a goalless draw.

The home game with Burnley’s Lester, scheduled for Saturday, is the latest to be discontinued due to an injury and a case of coronavirus on Sean Dyche’s team.

Tuhel said Friday that Chelsea is doing everything possible to ensure that their match goes on and that others want to take the same approach.

Asked if he thinks some clubs are trying to push up the postponement limit with tactics such as general injuries and absences from the Africa Cup of Nations, Tuhel replied: anger.

“Because we are doing everything to make the game a reality, and we were forced to play when we thought we shouldn’t.

“So I can only strongly hope that the rules are the same for everyone.”

Tuhel lamented the protracted Covid problem on his side after Danish centre-back Andreas Christensen was excluded from a trip to Manchester City, a runaway leader on Saturday.

Kristensen had just returned from a back injury to alleviate Chelsea’s defensive problems, but is now facing another spell on the sidelines.

“When I heard the news that Andreas Christensen would play again after waiting for him, he would play very hard and play again. It’s a bit of a frustration for everyone mentally,” said Tuhel. ..

“Chiago Silva and Engoro Cante are back, but in one training session they are Chiago Silva and Engoro Cante.”

“Benchmark” city

Tuhel said the Chelsea Premier League title challenge could have already ended if he lost in the “Benchmark” city.

Chelsea, Liverpool and Citi seemed to compete in a thrilling three-way title race a few weeks ago, but the defending champions achieved 11 consecutive victories and cleared 10 points.

“The biggest difference this season was that we were able to cope with the injury and Covid situation,” said Tuhel, who defeated City in the Champions League final last year.

“Maybe I was lucky and they did it well, but there were few injuries from key players, few players going out, and few weeks I missed.”

The German boss said Citi is the best team in England.

“If you want to compete with Manchester, you need to be on your edge and at the highest level,” he added.

“They are benchmarks and are currently the best teams in England. This is what we have to realistically admit.”

If the club is abusing Covid’s postponement rules, Tuhel will be “very angry.”

Source link If the club is abusing Covid’s postponement rules, Tuhel will be “very angry.”

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