“If you can dream, you can do it”: Meet the 8-year-old author of SA, who has a bright future!

“If you can dream, you can do it.” This quote, attributed to Walt Disney, inspired many people to pursue their passion, no matter how scary or impossible it may seem.

for that Bontle NdlovuThe fulfillment of dreams came true – with the support of the family, the 8-year-old published his first book in 2021. By title Ocean Oxide Rescue MissionThe book tells the story of a family ocean adventure.

According to the young author, he was inspired to write his own story after watching a TV show. “I saw the episode Octonauts In which sea animals were rescued and much loved. That inspired me. “ Only seven years old, Bontl was unable to write a short story, so he asked his mother to write one for him.

After typing, Bontley’s mother, Refilve, sent him to his illustrator colleague, Maxine Naidu, to do witchcraft. Maxin revived The Oceanic Oxy Rescue Mission with his illustrations, perfectly reflecting Bontley’s fantasy.

“When I first saw the illustrations, I was very excited because it was exactly what I imagined!” I’m glad we worked with Maxine, he had creative freedom, but he understood that the characters had to look like my family. Explains Bontle.

Ocean Oxide Rescue Mission It tells the story of Naila and her family, who are attacked by three sharks while boating. The family is then rescued by Oaks and dolphins. “This is a fun book about adventure” Says Bontley, who himself loves reading adventure stories. “I think children should read it because it is cool and full of imagination. There are also fun educational activities at the end of the book. ”


Bontl has loved stories since childhood. “My mother started reading books as a child and I think this is where my love for stories comes from. I have always loved to tell stories. “

Refilve explains that while visiting bookstores, Bontley often asked if his books could one day be on the shelves. “I told him that anything was possible and that if he wrote his own stories, it could be published and sold in stores. I think that inspired him. ”

He adds: “When Bontley came to me with his story, I wanted to help him realize his dream, so I wrote it down and turned to Maxine and we started working. We received the printed copy a few days before Bondley’s eighth birthday. It was a long process, but the joy in his face when he saw his first book was worth it. ” For Bontle, it was an inspiring experience. “Writing and publishing my book has taught me that anything is possible.”

In addition to her love of stories and languages ​​(English and Seped), she is an avid reader, swimmer, singer and dancer. He is also a toy lover, loves to play with friends and loves animals.

While publishing his first book was a dream come true, Bontley was also selected as a local role model by H&M in their global Role Models campaign, an initiative aimed at empowering young people in 2021.

As for what he plans to do after school, he keeps his options open. “I want to be a firefighter or a surgeon because I want to save a life. Or the first scientist to create something magical. I also want to be a teacher because I want to help children. ” he says. Fortunately, since he is only in 3rd grade, there is still no pressure to make a decision. However, he is already working on other stories Adventures with Bontle– Series.

The young narrator with big dreams has a special message for both children and adults: “Children with big dreams should not be afraid of being persecuted. If you work hard, you can do whatever you want. Adults should also pursue their dreams and never give up. ”

Ocean Oxide Rescue Mission (R90) by Bontle Ndhlovu can be ordered www.refilwern.com Or https://www.ethnikids.africa/.

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“If you can dream, you can do it”: Meet the 8-year-old author of SA, who has a bright future!

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