If you want to access JLR’s technical training center, you will want to be an EV technician.

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Johannesburg-Automotive technology is evolving rapidly and requires competent technicians to keep high-tech vehicles on the road.

Jaguar Land Rover did not keep secret that its product portfolio would evolve over the next few years as the company moved away from traditional large-diameter internal combustion engine (ICE) setups globally and in South Africa.

Hybrid models with smaller capacity ICEs, battery packs and electric motor setups will begin to take over. This means new skills are needed throughout the brand’s dealer network, and certainly in the workshop area.

A new full electric model will also be introduced. These high-voltage vehicles can be difficult and dangerous to work with if not properly powered off, so Jaguar Land Rover trains technicians on how to operate all types of electric drivetrains in a safe place. Controlled environment.

For more than two years before the award-winning Jaguar I-Pace was introduced in South Africa, Jaguar Land Rover has been attacking to ensure that engineers are up to date on electric and hybrid vehicles. I did. At its local headquarters in Eileen, a suburb of Pretoria, Gauteng, we have set up a state-of-the-art EV training facility that will drive a new era of automotive engineers into the future.

We asked Shaun Turner, an EV technical specialist at Jaguar Land Rover, if it’s worth learning how to repair a car. He said developing car repair skills is more important than ever. Turner took us on a tour of the Jaguar Land Rover Training Center. So he showed the different training areas and how they were set up to accommodate the different types of drivetrains currently offered.

Technicians attending training courses at the Jaguar Land Rover Training Center can work on diesel engines, petrol engines, transmissions, all-wheel drive chassis components and more. There is a complete Jaguar and Land Rover training vehicle that can be analyzed by technicians, and all tools (diagnosis or others) are available to ensure seamless knowledge sharing.

In one room at the training center, Turner and Jaguar Land Rover Customer Experience Manager Derrick Dear Arab showed us the core battery pack of the Jaguar I-Pace. The battery pack has been removed from the I-Pace and is used in professional training sessions where advanced EV technicians learn how to safely power off a car in a controlled environment. Unlike most garage situations where ICE vehicles are maintained, there are different rules and regulations regarding how to turn off and maintain electric vehicles in the workshop.

Only fully qualified Jaguar Land Rover EV technicians can power off the Jaguar I-Pace for critical battery repair and service. This is so that technicians working in the vehicle can work safely without fear of electrocution.

In the EV training room, makeshift barriers have been created to highlight the safe boundaries that must be followed when working with high voltage EVs. Turner explained that a dedicated Hookman would control and clear each movement the technician would have to do in the car. If Hookman says he needs to stop working, he should stop working for safety reasons. According to Turner, as technicians train and graduate from different levels, they can tackle the more complex parts of EVs, and if that’s their goal, eventually qualify to be Hook’s “man.” It can be obtained.

We also visited the center parts room, which houses some of the I-Pace components, but we still need a lot of talented technicians to work on the car at the workshop. Many vehicles will evolve.

EVs and hybrid vehicles are built with so many components that ultimately require service and repair, so the future of vehicle engineers looks very promising.

According to Turner, Jaguar Land Rover engineers will not only improve their skill sets, but the knowledge shared at the training center will greatly help maintain the safety and reliability of future car parks in South Africa. Get training to lead.

It was a welcome experience for I-Pace technicians and future EV technicians to visit a training center to learn the skills to keep an exciting new electric vehicle on the road.

If you want to learn more about becoming an EV technician, or if you’re already an ICE vehicle technician and want to prove your skill set in the future, the Jaguar Land Rover Training Center is for you.

In our opinion, it’s certainly worth it to be a technician after seeing what a future car will look like at the Jaguar Land Rover Training Center.

If you want to access JLR’s technical training center, you will want to be an EV technician.

Source link If you want to access JLR’s technical training center, you will want to be an EV technician.

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