Importance of Responsible Citizenship and Youth Role in the Fight against COVID-19-SABC News

The COVID-19 onslaught over the past year has been extraordinary and unlike anything the world has ever seen. Countries around the world have taken drastic steps to sustain economic activity, prioritizing personal health in the pandemic.

Various sectors of society, including governments, businesses, communities and civil society, worked together to combat the pandemic. In retrospect, we believe that the importance of responsible citizenship is arguably one of the foundations of how people survive a pandemic.

Responsible citizenship is often found within the scope and scope of an individual’s professional and professional obligations. For example, employees are happy when a company produces products and services that are essential to the lives of its customers.

Responsible citizenship is far greater and should not be limited to the profession and artificial power given to an individual by a state or business. It is a sense of belonging and a complete recognition of calling the countryside home. We also boldly acknowledge the sense of ownership.

The unified effect of responsible citizenship is that different individuals come together to improve the country. Responsible citizenship is lonely and dispels the notion that it is unique to a particular individual in a particular place of life operating under a particular name or trademark.

Entering the environment after COVID-19, it is even more important to be responsible citizens and to be attentive to each other. To overcome the effects of the pandemic, it must be the responsibility of all citizens to support the rebuilding and recovery of our economy and society.

In particular, the youth, who have been the centerpieces of great change in our history, are said to be at the forefront. During these difficult times, young people are required to take the initiative in rebuilding our economy. Now is the time to lead the recovery after COVID-19 and face the challenge of embracing the opportunities created by “New Normal”. Unleashing the potential of young people allows us to build inclusive economies, create jobs and transform society.

Awaken the spirit of 1976, when young people were actively involved in defining their future and the country they wanted. Today, young people are encouraged to work together for economic liberation and put their destiny in their hands.

Business-savvy young people are encouraged to seize the available entrepreneurial opportunities and start their own business. The government has made large-scale promotions to develop SMEs and encourage higher levels of entrepreneurship among young people.

As we continue to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, become a responsible citizen by becoming an agent of change in our social circles and communities. We must ensure that our actions are more eloquent than words by reducing social distance and following proper hygiene practices. Our destiny literally rests on our own hands, so we must continue to wash our hands frequently with alcohol-based finger rubbing or soap and water.

Mawande Ndongeni – Government Communication and Information Systems Intern

Importance of Responsible Citizenship and Youth Role in the Fight against COVID-19-SABC News

Source link Importance of Responsible Citizenship and Youth Role in the Fight against COVID-19-SABC News

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