In 2021, medical care in sub-Saharan Africa has never been faster (Eyong Ebai).

Posted by: Yeyong Ebai – GE Healthcare, General Manager of Sub-Saharan Africa

Our goal at GE Healthcare is to improve the lives of our critical moments, and we do so by partnering to help deliver more sustainable and accessible precision medicine.

It’s been a year since we started our new role in leading the GE Healthcare business in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). This year continues to experience heightened anxiety, further blockades and personal losses. Impacts on sub-Saharan African economies, education and health systems continue to be felt, exacerbated by what can be described as discriminatory vaccine policies and travel restrictions against many African countries during the emergence of Omicron variants in recent weeks. doing. “

As a result, countries, businesses and individuals are forced to adapt.

The pandemic has revealed a gap in the medical infrastructure across the continent. Grounded flights and closed borders. It affected the ability of people to travel for quality care and it focused on bridging those gaps near the house. Plans have been developed to strengthen medical infrastructure in all sub-Saharan African countries so that communities can access it without travel.

Now we have unparalleled opportunities to have the greatest impact on our healthcare infrastructure for generations. We have the opportunity to implement political and economic focus, a faster decision-making culture, and digital and artificial intelligence-enabled solutions that can bring better medical care to more people. Funds are also available to local and global financial institutions that have invested millions of dollars in the healthcare sector this year to create opportunities and reach appropriate solutions to save lives.

Accessibility is one of the major issues with SSA. What has changed this year is the speed at which major projects are offered in both the public and private sectors. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing quality healthcare, GE Healthcare has contributed to many major projects this year.

Together with the Kenyatta University Introductory Research Hospital (KUTRRH), we have opened the first comprehensive cancer center of its kind. The center provides life-saving equipment along the route of cancer treatment, from screening and diagnosis to staging and treatment decisions. The Duchess International Hospital has also been opened in Lagos as a privately owned hospital with multiple specialties. GE Healthcare has delivered and installed equipment with all the solutions to improve healthcare across Nigeria. In Uganda, the partnership between GE Healthcare and AFRIPHARMA has opened the first Africa-Egypt Health Examination Center. The center contains potentially life-saving equipment to better serve the surrounding community. Finally, we continued to provide service contracts throughout SSA.

To achieve all of this and continue to succeed next year, we have focused on the local workforce. Localization is the best strategy for long-term success, as local teams invest in their own communities. Our employees are resilient, motivated, and capable of overcoming tremendous obstacles. Last year, the traditional business model was largely destroyed and thrown out of the window. Instead, it turns out that creative thinking, flexibility, and the ability to understand things at record speed are implemented to adapt to the new environment. This approach continues to be successful.

The pressure of rapid decision-making has made and motivated individuals within an organization like never before. Decisions that historically took months had to be made within a few days, and being in crisis management mode actually improved performance. Looking back on last year, I think there were few bad decisions. Instead, it reduced bureaucracy and focused on what was important. Since COVID, we’ve been leaning and looking at things in a lean way. It challenged how to run the business and I think the entire SSA’s medical infrastructure benefited.

Improve your life at important moments

SSA has grown tremendously and is functioning as a market where healthcare can “break new ground” in terms of innovative models and solutions. Throughout the continent, GE acts as part of the ecosystem, providing solutions as well as technology and tailor-made services that have a positive impact. The focus is always on partnerships and patients. These are all the centers we do to help clinicians make more accurate diagnoses, reduce disease outbreaks and improve outcomes.

For me, 2020 laid the foundation for monitoring and investigating how to adapt to change and new challenges. 2021 was a year of action, speed and innovation. In the future, we all have to work together to face the challenge. You can see that all the stars are aligned.

Over the next few years, we will see the greatest improvement in medical infrastructure to date. This will be further accelerated by the realization of the African Continental Free Trade Area, which will have a major impact on the acceleration of trade across the continent. This is expected to significantly change development ambitions, especially for the healthcare sector in the medium term. This provides a unique opportunity to promote inclusive growth and accelerate post-pandemic recovery.

This year we are making solid efforts and are ready to be successful for 2022. We are improving our lives at the moments that are important to our important communities, which is why we are so proud.

Distributed by the APO Group on behalf of GE Healthcare.

In 2021, medical care in sub-Saharan Africa has never been faster (Eyong Ebai).

Source link In 2021, medical care in sub-Saharan Africa has never been faster (Eyong Ebai).

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