Increasing numbers of stolen vehicles smuggled across SA borders: Tracking Company-SABC News

Prevalence of Car stolen across South African border It is growing every year. In the past fiscal year alone, about 30% of cars were smuggled abroad. Vehicle tracking companies say they are concerned about the increasing number of stolen vehicles each year.

Tracker Care Guard went to Congress last week Cars sold in the black market It was about 300 million rants a year in neighboring countries. Most vehicles are sold in countries such as Eswatini, Mozambique and Botswana.

Car tracking company Tracker Care Gaurd states that car crime is rampant in South Africa and requires a comprehensive joint strategy between the government and other relevant stakeholders in the private sector. increase.

Chief Operating Officer Duma Ngcobo states that most cars that illegally leave the country’s border gates are sold to countries such as Swaziland, Mozambique and Botswana. He says Gauteng is the most advantageous gate for most cars to other countries.

“There is an indicator number that about 30% of stolen vehicles cross the border. But that is an indicator number and requires deeper divers. The second problem is within the border. Even if the vehicle is covered, it is often difficult to bring the vehicle back into the country, so that’s where we dilute the numbers from creating indicators. “

He says these include vehicles that have been stolen, hijacked, or illegally moved from one country to another for use or sale.

According to Ngcobo, stolen luxury cars are popular with cross-border smugglers. And Houten is a good gateway to other countries.

“Vehicles can also be transported, especially in areas such as the major metro, Houten. And vehicle transportation really follows the type of immigration pattern, so wherever there is high economic activity, it is. Predisposing to a particular vehicle. I now share what type of vehicle manufacturing, type of look and feel, so you can actually see the vehicle movement in either Swaziland or Mozambique you pointed out. increase.”

Syndicate networks use citizens from more than one country. They can procure stolen cars, promote illegal border crossings and find buyers in other countries.

According to Ngcobo, there are various methods used to transport vehicles across national borders.

“But likewise, you’ll find a vehicle that they are an attempt to be dragged through a river. Use another vehicle to cross that vehicle, or use a living animal, donkey, etc. Pull the vehicle across the river. And you may be wondering why you run the risk of submerging the vehicle, but it makes it difficult to drive the vehicle afterwards. You need to understand that it may be intended for use. Used car parts will be sold. May be for repair and distribution. “

Ngcobo has urged Parliamentary Commission to devise improved security measures to curb the smuggling of stolen vehicles.

“We believe there is another kind of feature that can complement these physical structures. Therefore, in the end, we will work with us not only in SANDF, but also in companies such as trackers and colleagues on the floor. We need a collaborative approach and coordination with other organizations that do. We believe it is essential to help achieve this. “

Cyril Kusaba, chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Defense, states that an interdisciplinary approach to combat smuggling of stolen vehicles is essential.

“The KZN government’s move to install a JZ bearer as a multiplier of force is truly commendable, and I encourage you to extend this concept to other parts of the country where it matters. The Society also recommends scaling up technology as a multiplier for power and an interdisciplinary approach with intelligence-driven social partners to help governments overcome this problem. “

Increasing numbers of stolen vehicles smuggled across SA borders: Tracking Company-SABC News

Source link Increasing numbers of stolen vehicles smuggled across SA borders: Tracking Company-SABC News

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