Insider trading at JSE is a big problem-David Shapiro

As a Monday convention Susfin Securities David Shapiro eases us a week with a host of investment insights covering the local and offshore markets.China third quarter GDP The numbers were worse than expected as more sinister data came from the world’s second-largest economy.This is bad news for South Africa and our economy is becoming more and more dependent China.. Shapiro unveils investment proposal Johann Rupert Remgro, Richemont and Reinet all house the various economic benefits of the business tycoon. Finally, I will explain insider trading at JSE below. Flamin 40% rally before warning announcements are announced on the market. match? Shapiro doesn’t think so. – Justin Rowe-Roberts

About MediClinic’s Bright Trading Statement:

I think it was selective surgery that came back. They had a very large number from both Switzerland and the Middle East. I think that’s just starting to happen. I imagine it would happen here. You can only delay to a certain point. Ultimately, these issues need to be addressed. Delaying the general and regular schedules of testing, that is, regular inspections, will eventually lead to even more problems. I think people will come back. I almost feel that I’m starting to feel confident. I know they’re vigilant, but I’m sure they’ll see that. Let’s take a look at net care. It’s a test because they have no exposure abroad. They gave up the offshore business. So you will see what they have to say about it. Currently, very few cases of Covid-19 are reported in major hospitals. The pressure is off. let’s see. Hopefully it will also lead to hospitality.

About Johann Rupert’s Richemont, Remgro, and Raynet as investment proposals:

Richemont only. To be fair, I don’t think I’m angry with Reinet. I’m not sure about the aspects of British American Tobacco. I know it’s going down quite a bit. I like Richemont and I think the luxury is back and they are remodeling too. They have introduced Farfetch, a gorgeous online site. I am very interested in Remgro. I think they can do more. There are some good underlying operations. I was cynical about everything because it was always overwhelmed by Mediclinic and Firstland. I would love to see them release some others as well.

China’s GDP growth is disappointing.

Interesting, but I think they will overcome it. I think they experienced a perfect storm, everything struck them at the same time. I’m worried about the power crisis. It’s a big worry for them because no one expected it. The fact that they are actually limiting or limiting energy to some factories is a bit of a problem. But hopefully it will subside. I think the European market is a little below these numbers, but I don’t like to feel embarrassed. I don’t think they like to appear. The last thing they want is for people to feel sorry for them. So I think they will overcome it. They are not the numbers we see from China. The positive thing was that retail sales were still growing. I have softened my view of China, but I haven’t written them down completely.

Whether Insider Trading at JSE is a problem:

Yes, of course. I talk too much and leak too much. I don’t stamp. Need to monitor. I have always seen events like this. Because that’s what I do on a daily basis. I say what’s happening today or what’s happening today. You can see where the pattern suddenly appears. And I said, what’s the story? I keep looking for the story, and I can’t find it. Then something happened, especially with the story of flaming.

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Insider trading at JSE is a big problem-David Shapiro

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