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Volvo XC60

The second-generation XC60 has several trim levels to choose from: entry-level Momentum, Inscription Expression (Recharge plug-in hybrid), R-Design and R-Design Pro, Inscription and Inscription Pro, and Polestar Engineered. The interior is covered with some classy materials, regardless of trim.

The Inscription Pro released this week featured a frameless back mirror. Heated steering wheel, windshield, wiper blades. Front seat back massage function. Active bending headlights; keyless entry and start. Head-up display; powered trunk opening and closing; and puddle lights. It also came with driftwood inlays along the dash and center console. The latter is much more expensive than you might think, both in appearance and feel.

Additional equipment for Polestar Engineered trim includes the Harman Kardon premium audio system, aluminum front tread plate, Polestar “Signature Gold” seat belts, and instrument panel stitching. Volvo points out that Momentum is the most popular trim level, accounting for about 35% of total sales.

Inside story

Once inside the five-seater XC60’s practical, business-like lounge, the instrument cluster comes to life and displays all the usual important driver information. The built-in light sensor controls the brightness of the display according to external lighting conditions. Located in the central satin chrome stack of the simple dash is a jewel-like swivel knob underneath the feature-packed 9-inch portrait-oriented infotainment touchscreen.

New cars with a minimalist cockpit are becoming more and more common across the board, not just Volvo, but some of us use old-fashioned dials to adjust HVAC while looking at the road. Some people like it. The voice activation control system works in conjunction with the touch screen. We used it to manipulate functions such as changing cabin temperature, entering addresses in satellite navigation, and changing radio stations. There were a few hits and mistakes, but in general it worked fine.

There is a pair of vertical chrome air vents on the side of the touch screen. These have a silver central section to direct the air flow and appear to be “floating” in the center of the vent. This is adjusted via the diamond-cut rotary control knob, which is also found on Volvo’s 40 and 90 series cars.

Steering wheel controls on Volvo models are often particularly intuitive. The XC60 is no exception. The spokes on the left provide control of driving function-related systems such as speed limiters and adaptive cruise control. The spokes on the right access all vivid infotainment features such as audio, phone, and navigation. The twist-and-go engine start mounted on the tunnel console was fun to use.

The luxurious cabin is long and wide, and the optional panoramic powered glass tilt roof provides plenty of natural light behind. The brightly colored interior further enhances the sense of cabin space. When it comes to seating, the power front seats allow enough headroom for a 6-foot person, while the sunroof leaves a little less headroom at the rear. Rearseat occupants also benefit from four-zone air conditioning control that cools the glove box.

The boots hold 483 liters and the backseat is in an upright position. The shape of the boot itself is deep and practical, with no intrusion of large wheel arches. Folding the backseat of the 60/40 flat frees up 1,395 liters of space, allowing the mountain bike to slip through a large electric tailgate that can be activated by pressing a button on the underside of the dashboard or boot lid. increase.

Thanks to the relatively thin A-pillar, the front visibility is good and there are no large blind spots. The rear view monitor, bird’s eye view camera, and pilot assist (see below) are useful during parking operations, but the rear visibility is not very good (rarely on an SUV).

The heated back seat (only the outer edge of the seat) does not slide or recline like some rivals, while the outer seat has a compartment built into the seat base that can hold iPads, books and magazines. Incorporates a neat storage idea in the shape of.

When it comes to storage, the XC60 has a lot of fairly large rubber-lined mold with two cup holders on the front and back. Rubber prevents objects from slipping. I also like the attention to detail. For example, the storage shelves have a soft-closed lid and the sides of the center console are carpeted so you don’t grab the knuckles when you fasten your seat belts.

Other comfort and convenience features on the PlayStation include an indoor air purifier, a wireless / inductive cell phone charger pad located on the center console, and a power-folding second-row headrest. Was there.

XC60 suppliers include Autoliv, Faurecia and Tenneco. Autoliv supplies airbags. Faurecia is a petrol-powered version of the XC60 door panel and exhaust manifold. Thanks to the controlled electronic suspension system provided by Tenneco, the car seems to be flying on bumpy country roads. The XC60 uses the same suspension as the flagship XC90.

Connectivity and infotainment

Built into Volvo’s entire range is the so-called Sensus Connect. This cloud-based service allows drivers to find parking lots from their cars, pay for them, find restaurants, stream their favorite music, and do a few more things. The driver can also read the text message without taking his hand off the wheel. With the support of Sensus Connect, drivers can communicate directly with the car via a smartphone application to lock, unlock, check fuel levels, locate the car, and check mileage. It is a Volvo On Call that can be done. The Sensus Connect infotainment system is compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and 4G standards.

Satellite navigation is also noteworthy. All regular apps are provided by Volvo’s Sensus Navigation, but include useful ones such as Glympse (send your location to friends and family). Send to car (use Volvo On Call to send destination from phone to car); and weather. Volvo On Call was originally developed as a telematics safety system that alerts emergency services in the event of an accident or when roadside assistance is needed due to a flat tire. It also acts as a security system that allows you to track stolen vehicles. Other clever tricks include notification when a car alarm is triggered, remote car lock / unlock, flash headlights in crowded parking areas, and remote operation of the HVAC system.

The DAB sound system is designed by Harman Kardon using Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound. The setup includes 10 speakers, digital processing of surround sound, and a total system output of 1,100 watts. More specifically, it includes a ventilation subwoofer integrated into the car body (as opposed to a self-supporting unit) and a speaker over the dash to provide bass songs. More specifically, “Tweeter-on-Top” technology reduces coloration and explains information on the track in more detail, more purely and truthfully, while minimizing acoustic reflections from the windshield. Realize the sound.

Advanced driver assistance system

As expected from Volvo, the XC60 is wrapped in an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) safety blanket: Steering Assist, which automatically provides steering input in an emergency to help avoid potential collisions. (1), oncoming lane mitigation (designed to prevent head-on collisions), at certain speeds, unknowingly out of lane, guided into the lane, and out of the path of the oncoming vehicle) and steering assisted blinds Spot information system (automatically applies steering to bring the car back into the lane, at a specific speed). Run-off road protection is another useful ADAS feature that automatically fastens the front seat belt if the car inadvertently leaves the road. On the other hand, the front seat frame with foldable sections reduces vertical forces and prevents spinal injuries.

It is also equipped with the pilot-assisted semi-automatic driving technology of the automobile manufacturer. Available in the full range of the XC60, Pilot Assist allows the driver to use steering assist to drive the vehicle between side markings in the lane and combine it with a preselected time interval to the vehicle in front for uniform speed. Helps to maintain. It assists steering (up to 80mph) to keep the vehicle in the lane and works with adaptive cruise control to maintain the desired cruising speed or safe distance from the vehicle in front. Pilot Assist automatically accelerates and brakes according to the flow of traffic and stops. This system is optimized for highway driving and requires you to hold the steering wheel at all times.

Other ADAS technologies include adaptive cruise control, rear parking, 360-degree surround view cameras, cross-traffic alerts, and pedestrian detection. The spec list continues.

on the road

Powertrain options are three recharge plug-in hybrids and four mild hybrids (two B5 and one B6 petrol, and a B4 diesel) with outputs ranging from 197hp to 405hp. All versions are all-wheel drive, with the exception of the B5, which is available in front-wheel or all-wheel drive form. The 250hp B5 Momentum front-wheel drive version starts at £ 41,745 on the road.

Our press review featured a T8 AWD plug-in hybrid unit with an automatic transmission. According to customer research, Volvo Cars plug-in hybrids are currently operating in pure electric mode for about half the time. This powertrain upgrade will increase that percentage and further strengthen its position as a “part-time electric vehicle.”

Seated on a long, winding journey, I was comfortable surrounded by a majestic and discreet cockpit. The minimalist yet elegant cabin is covered with soft-touch trim and supportive cream-colored ventilated nappa soft leather seats, making it a place to sit and relax for hours. Overall, the latest generation of the XC60 continues to be a solid, safe and wise family choice with attractive specs. Everyday life is easy. It hasn’t moved itself yet, but Pilot Assist goes some way to support this goal.

The XC60 is manufactured with the V90 and XC90 at the Torslanda plant of the automaker in Gothenburg, Sweden (the charging plug-in hybrid version is manufactured in Chengdu, China). Rivals include the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Land Rover Discovery Sport.

best seller

Geely Volvo Cars sold 530,649 cars in the first nine months of 2021, an increase of 17.6% compared to the same period last year. Specifically, from January to September, the XC60 had 162,596 units (2020: 131,091 units), followed by the XC40 with 156,920 units (2020: 121,905 units) and the XC90 with 80,402 units (2020: 61,327 units). It was a sold model. ..

During the first nine months of 2021, the number of cars sold online increased by more than 360% compared to the same period in 2020. This growth is due to increased customer demand combined with broader offerings in more markets. The recharge lineup of rechargeable models with fully electric or plug-in hybrid powertrains continued to be popular. Their share reached 24.9% worldwide in the first nine months of this year and reached 26.9% in September.

Interior Design and Technology-Volvo XC60

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