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Introducing sport in schools to “fight the social woes of our society” – Free State MEC

  • The Free State Education Department is reintroducing the sport in every school.
  • The province produces the best academic results in the country.
  • All students are encouraged to participate in at least one sports code.

“A healthy soul always lives in a healthy body,” says Tate Makgoe, Free State Education MEC.

As such, she believes that sport can help students achieve better results.

Makgoe said all schools in the province participate in the sports regulations every Wednesday.

Many village schools did not participate in the sport due to a lack of zeal on the part of students or teachers.

Makgoe said some schools did not have the necessary sports facilities, which prevented children from participating.

However, the Free State produced the best results in the country.

“We are introducing sports to overcome social troubles in our society. There are incidents of violence, intimidation, racism and gender-based violence,” he said.

“We are creating a platform where our students compete with each other and end up victorious. Those who may not participate will support those who would represent their schools.”

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Makgoe encouraged every child to take part in a sport of his choice.

“We have found that our students who perform well in academia also perform well in sport. If we want to improve our academic performance, especially in municipal schools, we need to introduce sport.

“The book and sport are two sides of the same coin. We tried to reintroduce sport, but some organizations in our schools blocked it.

“We have decided to run it ourselves. If someone wants to sponsor any sports code, they are happy to do so. Our primary goal is to keep our children active. We need to end violence in our schools.”

Angry kids

Makgoe said some students are angry and abuse their peers.

“One of the best ways to deal with anger is through sport. We will encourage such children to take part in boxing. Boxing has its rules and it instills a culture of discipline and makes their fight a proper, formal sport.

“Kids can use their other talents to achieve higher results. Our country is not doing well in football, but in rugby because of the school rugby foundation.”

Makgoe promised that students would also participate in native sports.

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“[We want] to keep all children active. Wednesdays were declared a sports day and our teachers promised to participate by encouraging students. We are also launching a music competition because some of our children are talented not only in sports but also in music.

“We don’t want our children to sing hymns. We want them to be creative musicians. We put a lot of emphasis on choral music. We’ve identified schools that specialize in arts and culture. Many schools are involved in choral music.”

“Some people try to push our kids down. The biggest challenge is the sports facilities. I’m not going to start when the conditions are perfect. I’m used to working in unfavorable conditions and producing results.

“We’re committed and we’ve talked to some sponsors to help set up the best facilities. We want to produce the best athletes and musicians.”

Introducing sport in schools to “fight the social woes of our society” – Free State MEC

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