Iran Expands Drone Exports, Signals Global Ambition

made by Iran Steady advances in the design and production of military drones In recent years, we have intensified the movement of militant groups across the Middle East to shift the battlefield dynamism from Yemen to Gaza. These efforts now extend far beyond the region. From the report: According to Iranian News Media, Satellite Imagery and Defense, Iran is now trying to build global influence and commercially sell increasingly sophisticated weapon-loaded drones to other countries, including countries such as Venezuela and Sudan which have been subject to various sanctions in recent years. do. Experts inside and outside Iran.

It provided an important source of funding and political influence for Iran, which is struggling with isolation from US financial constraints. Now Russia could be a potential customer. Washington said this month it had information that Moscow plans to purchase hundreds of drones from Iran to bolster its arsenal for the Ukraine war. US officials have urged Iran not to sell drones to Russia and warned of consequences for both countries. Iran’s foreign ministry said in a statement that the military cooperation with Russia was pre-war without details. said he had no plans to do so. Providing military equipment to both sides of the conflict.

Iran Expands Drone Exports, Signals Global Ambition

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