Is it time to fix your own phone?

new article about edge claim that The era of repairing your own phone” has arrived.
When I called iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens, I thought he would celebrate. Big companies like Google And samsung Suddenly they agreed to provide spare parts for the phone. Not only that, they signed contracts. to him They sell those parts through iFixit along with the company’s repair guides and tools. so it was valve.

But Wiens says the deal isn’t over yet. “More is coming,” he says. (No, not Apple.) Motorola was actually the first to sign. almost 4 years ago. And if Apple joins meaningfully in providing spare parts to consumers — As promised by early 2022 — The era of repairing your own phone may be on its way. last october It effectively legalized the opening of many devices for repair purposes. Exemption from Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Now the necessary parts arrive.

What has changed? Aren’t these companies fighting fiercely to keep their rights to repairs on the table? Sometimes stop billing secretly at the last minute? convinced. However, some legislation is being passed anyway, and one French law in particular may have been a turning point.

“What’s changing the game more than anything else is France’s repairability scorecard,” Wiens said, referring to a 2021 law that requires tech companies to disclose how much they can repair their phones on a scale of 0.0 to 10.0 right next to them. Says. price tag. Even Apple had to add a repairability score. — But Wiens points out: Samsung’s press release Instead of. When Samsung commissioned a study to see if the French numeracy scores were meaningful, they found not only the scorecards useful, but surprising results. 80% of respondents are willing to give up their preferred brand in favor of a higher-scoring product.

“Extensive research has been done on scorecards and it works,” Wiens says. “It is driving behavior and changing consumer buying patterns.” Meet the sticks and carrots. Wiens sees the opportunity and suggests that it pressured these companies to adopt iFixit in their deals.

Nathan Proctor, director of water rights campaigns for the US Public Interest Research Group (US PIRG), still thinks the stick is the thing to be most grateful for. “It feels presumptuous to say 100%…but this wouldn’t happen without the threat of legislation…These companies have long known this is a problem, and until they organize enough influence to begin to seem inevitable, big companies None of them had a particularly good repair program, and now they’re all announcing them,” says Proctor.

Is it time to fix your own phone?

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