Is the world’s most powerful supercomputer running undercover?

“The new supercomputer called Frontier widely advertised As the world’s first exascale machine — but was it really?”

This is a question asked by a longtime reader of Slashdot. Matt Sparks Explore in new articles from new scientist
Built at Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Frontier made it to the top of what is generally considered the final list of supercomputers, but others may have already achieved the milestone in secret….

The final list of supercomputers is top 500It is based on a single measurement. the machine LINPACK benchmark. This gives the value of floating point operations per second, or FLOPS. but even Jack Dongara at Top500 acknowledges that not all supercomputers are on the list and will only appear if owners run benchmarks and submit results. “If you don’t send it, it won’t be entered,” he says. “I can’t force them.”

Some owners prefer not to disclose their benchmark figures or publicly disclose the existence of their machines. Simon Macintosh Smith At the University of Bristol, UK, there are incentives for intelligence agencies and certain companies to keep their machines secret, as well as run by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois. He points out that there are also purely academic machines like Blue Waters that do. Urbana-Champaign was also not entered…. Dongarra said among supercomputer experts that China has had at least two exascale machines known as OceanLight and Tianhe-3 since 2021, and that larger machines are being developed. said I agree. third call torment. science Papers on unconnected research When describing the calculations performed on this machine, we disclosed the evidence of this machine.

McIntosh-Smith also believes that intelligence agencies will rank well if allowed. “exactly [US]Some security forces have things that can put them at the top. “Obviously there are groups on the list that don’t want this.”

Is the world’s most powerful supercomputer running undercover?

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