Is Your Business Facing these Social Media Marketing Hurdles?

Several Social Media Marketing Obstacles Can Hinder Your Business’s Growth in South Africa


At first glance, not many business owners realize that there are pitfalls and several limitations to social media marketing. Once you start branding your business over social media platforms and channels, you start experiencing the potential pitfalls and setbacks of the approach. However, overcoming such hurdles isn’t that difficult. But for now, we will focus on the limitations of  social media marketing for South African businesses.

This mode of marketing can be highly beneficial because it offers straight exposure to individuals who could be potential customers. Despite that, several limitations can hinder the benefits you may gain from social media marketing.

Limitations of Social Media Marketing for South African Businesses

If you haven’t started a social media marketing campaign yet, you can try to overcome the limitations and incorporate countermeasures in your strategy beforehand. Let’s take a look at some of those limitations.

Adverse Comments and Feedback

It is possible that  social media marketing tactics  will present your content and business to individuals and groups who are neither your target audience nor likely to buy from you. In fact, some of the individuals and groups on social media might even condone your services and products while providing negative feedback. This is the case with social media marketing and branding.

People who aren’t directly potential customers of your business might comment and post negative comments and reviews on your business profile.

Negligible ROI

If you think that social media marketing is easy, you should know that it requires time, money, and effort all from you while you are trying to manage your business. Therefore, the  most effective and reasonable ROI  you can get is when you outsource social media marketing to the right online SEO marketing agency.

You have to consistently keep posting on social media to keep appearing on the trending list, so users see and engage with your content. Besides, you should invest in social media ads and boosting campaigns.

Difficult Monitoring                   

Social media interactions and engagement are spread across the platform. There isn’t a single instance where you can pinpoint marketing results. You post something, and it gets carried away to other pages and profiles without restrictions, which makes tracking and monitoring seem impossible.

You can’t simply calculate the likes, retweets, comments, shares, and postings and assess their impact on your branding/marketing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

Is social media marketing totally free?

Depending on the social media platform and channel that you use for marketing, you may have to bear certain costs for paid advertising and more.

Can you gain organic traffic to your site via social media marketing?

It is possible to gain more website traffic through organic traffic driving tactics for social media marketing. Thousands of businesses are already doing this.


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