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Islamic watchdog targets halaal council in Durban in pork furor

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  • The Islamic Watchdog Movement in Durban was outraged by the sausage with halal matrix allegedly sold at North Beach Spa.
  • The SA Islamic Council and the business assured the public that this was an incorrect labeling problem.
  • The consumption of pork is strictly forbidden in Islam.

The SA Islamic Council and North Beach Spar on the Durban coast have reassured the public that its meat is halaal due to an incorrect labeling problem that has caused outrage in social media.

Anger erupted after a video from the Islamic Watchdog Movement in Durban spread that North Beach Spar was selling pork products with halaal labels from the SA Islamic Council (ICSA).

Islamic dietary beliefs strictly forbid the consumption of pork or related or derived products.

Moulana Muhammad Twala, a member of the Islamic Watchtower Movement, posted a video over the weekend that has been viewed more than 220,000 times so far, claiming she had pork products purchased at the store.

In the video, Twala said, “I have pork sausages from North Beach Spar.”

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Twala on alleged that the halaal section of the store contained pork, despite being certified by ICSA.

“There’s pork in the halaal section. The message I want to send to Muslims is people say it’s a mistake. I want to tell the Islamic community that ICSA is not a halaal organization,” he said.

He said:

We beg ICSA to close the doors, you are not a halaal organization. Imagine someone coming during Ramadan and violating their fast. Shame on you, ICSA.

The ICSA said in a statement that it had solved the problem and that it was just a labeling mistake.

“A video is circulating about North Beach Spar claiming that their product is not halaal. After examining our auditors, we hereby inform the public that the product is halaal and there was a problem with the packaging.

“Since then, we have received an apology from the owners of North Beach Spar, and we would like to inform the public that we have taken the necessary steps.”

Farinho told News24 that he had invited Twala to visit. He added:

He said he would come to me, but I’m still waiting for him. He doesn’t have all the facts. You need to investigate before you post such things because it tarnishes your reputation and looks bad.

He said the store was labeled Deli Spice. “We’ve been sent a letter apologizing for the mistake.”

He added: “We followed the procedure of labeling the products. Our fault was that we did not check that the label was correct. But there is no pig in the product. I don’t know where it is [Twala] you will receive your information. “

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Islamic watchdog targets halaal council in Durban in pork furor

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