It’s how your phones get out of the cloud that matters

It seems to have a new buzzword around the telephone block these days, namely “mobile PBX”. It has taken the limelight of “Cloud Hosted PBX”, and rightly so. Cloud-hosted PBX was and still is a brilliant idea: move all your bulky and expensive phone equipment from your own server room and off your balance sheet to someone else. Capex becomes opex, and all that.

The cloud-hosted PBX has many advantages – incredible overload of features, instant deployments of the new version, economies of scale… but ideas on how to connect and talk to your desk phones weren’t that innovative at first. VoIP was the standard option, which is a great idea in theory – if you have endless, perfectly formed bandwidth at your disposal.

Wait you said landline phones? Oops. No one wants these relics anymore because the offices that are farms half full of cubes are therefore not cool, and a lot of people work from home, or in more exotic places if they’re lucky. As this change occurs, more and more people want (and need) to use their primary device (their smartphone) as a business device.

The cloud-hosted PBX solution involves providing them with a software-based IP phone client, or “softphone,” to install and run on their smartphone. In fact, that would give you a “mobile PBX”. Unfortunately, in practice, this is where things started to get really complicated.

The perfect world

In a perfect world, a VoIP softphone should work like a dream, but in the real world of GSM (sim card) data signals it does not. Cell phone data (like most data services) is only a service at best, and your signal can range from 5G (extremely fast) to 2G / Edge (unusually slow). For this reason, VoIP softphone performance is hated by users all over the world – it is not sufficiently consistent or reliable on a smartphone.

Not so long ago there was a thing in telecommunications called Jars … The “simple old telephone service”. It was basically the old landline, and it only did one thing amazingly well: voice phone calls. GSM (or cell phone) voice is the modern equivalent of the Pots network – it only carries voice calls and does it incredibly well.

Voice, incredibly well done

A few years ago some guys from Trabel in Cape Town saw that the mobile PBX was going to be a big thing that everyone wanted, but they realized that VoIP softphones were dropping the show. And so they got down to business, building a true mobile PBX with appropriate voice quality.

Trabel’s new solution is called NoPBX. And what makes all the difference is … how it goes outside from the cloud. Instead of using a VoIP data channel from the cloud PBX to your smartphone, NoPBX uses the modern equivalent of the old bulletproof pots – real GSM cellular calls. The result is excellent call quality with every call because GSM quality is managed and guaranteed by mobile networks to the highest possible standards.

NoPBX is a true pay-as-you-go PBX-as-a-service offering: you are freed from all traditional PABX “infrastructure” costs, including data lines, connection management and shaping. data, firewalls, routers and IP telephony devices. None of this is needed anymore – you just need your existing smartphones running the free NoPBX smartphone app, on Android or iOS.

Another huge advantage of NoPBX is that it works anywhere there is a GSM voice signal, no data is required and there is no charge to transfer calls between employees no matter where they are. in the country. So your employees are always in touch when they need it and can be free to work wherever they want, not just from home where the company-funded data line is located.

Trabel makes several other bold claims about NoPBX: that it is South Africa’s simplest cloud-hosted PBX, that it is the simplest and fastest to set up, and the easiest. to manage, with the lowest total cost of ownership. As an instant solution for any business that is starting up fast, growing fast, or just wants to contain costs and work remotely, it certainly ticks all of those boxes.

For more information, or to test a NoPBX solution today, visit

About Trabel
Trabel (Pty) Ltd is a South African technology development company founded in 2019, based primarily in Cape Town and operating throughout South Africa. NoPBX is a cloud-hosted PBX-over-GSM solution with Android and iOS connectivity. More information can be found at and

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It’s how your phones get out of the cloud that matters

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