Japan sales fell in February

According to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, the Japanese new car market is shrinking by 18% in February 2022, from 354,668 units a year ago to 432,298.

This was followed by a 14% decline in January and mainly reflected a global shortage of semiconductors, forcing automakers such as Toyota to suspend production at a number of plants over the past month.

The country is also still battling high levels of Covid infections last month with significant social restrictions in many areas.

Car sales fell 16.2% to 684,367 units in the first two months of the year from 816,740 units a year ago, while passenger car sales fell 18.1% to 562,293 units, including minibus sales down 22% to 195,638 units. Sales of trucks fell 6.3% to 121141 units, while sales of buses and coaches fell almost 17% to 933 units.

Toyota Sales fell by almost 20% to 204,440 units in the two-month period Honda Moved to second place with only a small decrease to 100873 units; Daihatsu 92,560 (-12.5%); Suzuki 92,065 units (-22.6%); Nissan 74 849 (-19.8%); And Mazda 31415 (-6.2%).

Sales of imported cars also fell last month, by 8.6% to 33,033 units.

Japan sales fell in February

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