Jennifer Gray used to slander Johnny Depp

American actress Jennifer Gray has considered her fiancé Johnny Depp and his first wife Amber Heard guilty of $ 100 million (R1.6 billion).

Depp and Heard are embroiled in a bitter feud over which one of them is suing the other. This started when Aquaman the actor said this Washington Post op-ed in 2018 that he is an oppressor in his relationship.

Gray, 62, who had a brief relationship with Depp, 58, in 1989, has spoken out. Affiliate During the interview he felt that what was happening between the first couple was sad.

He meditated on his time with the people Pirates of Caribbean stars on his new souvenirshis name From the corner.

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JENNIFER Gray and his relationship with DEPP

Which Dancing is dirty The actor described Depp as known for his humor, fun and beauty, among other qualities.

“It’s fun and fun and beautiful and beautiful and awesome and selfless and unique and beautiful, and it delights me in love.

“I have not known him in 30 years. I have not spoken to him yet. I haven’t seen it… Everything makes me feel bad for everyone involved. These are the ones that are damaged and continue to damage each other. It’s a pity. I have no idea, except that it breaks my heart… I just know it at a very different time, ”he told Extra.

According to Gray’s records, they had only been dating for two weeks when he told her.

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Anyway, DEPP is ‘PARANOID’

Despite its beauty and fun, Gray wrote in his diary that Depp “likes what he does when he leaves”.

Depending on The Independent, The actor remembers a time when an actor traveled weekly from Vancouver. During that time, he started fighting with the bar and the police on a regular basis.

“He starts to miss his flight home in LA as he falls asleep or, when he gets home, he will be jealous and uninterested in what I do when he leaves.

“I said that his anger and unhappiness was that he was miserable and unable to get out. [the TV series] 21 Jump Street, ”the book quotes him as saying.

Jennifer Gray used to slander Johnny Depp

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