Jennifer Lopez was naked for 53 days!

American singer and Actress Jennifer Lopez was removed to celebrate her 53rd birthday and launch her new business venture, JLo Body by JLo Beauty announced through an Instagram post on Sunday 24 July.

JENNIFER LOPEZ has released her body line and beauty

Jennifer Lopez, known as JLO, took to Instagram to celebrate her 53rd birthday on Sunday 24 July. The singer also launched her own beauty brand JLo Body and JLo Beauty.

“We give all this care and attention to our skin, but we sometimes neglect the body. I needed to create a skin care system for the body to meet its specific and unique needs, and we started looting,” he wrote.

“Today is my birthday and I’m giving you a special discount on #JLoBody FIRM + FLAUNT™ Targeted Booty Balm. Head over to video shopping for some serious sexy science,” she continued.

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JLO AND take care of yourself

Jennifer broke down for her 53rd birthday just after her surprise wedding to longtime love Ben Affleck on July 16. He told her People and self-care leads to self-confidence.

“I feel more confident when I sleep, make my statements and do my skin care, health and diet. When I’m not in shape, I’m not myself,” he said. the book.

She also revealed that she feels that beauty is ageless.

“I believe that you can look and feel amazing and sexy at any age. I don’t like the phrase, ‘You are beautiful for 40, or you are beautiful for 30, you are good for 50.’ How about you just “you’re cute?” he continued.

Jennifer Lopez is splurging to celebrate her 53rd birthday. Photo via Instagram @jlo.

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Jennifer Lopez was naked for 53 days!

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